Girl Sets Sister Up With Cute Guy With A Post-it Note

abby dockery and darcy dockeryUNILAD

A girl set her older sister up with a guy she liked by writing a note and taping it to his door.

19-year-old Darcy Dockery, from Texas, US, had seen a fellow student, Andrew, around the honours dorm, but was too shy to approach him.

After Darcy told her younger sister about Andrew, 15-year-old Abby decided something had to be done.

Abby Dockery and Darcy DockeryUNILAD

Abby wrote a message on a post-it note and stuck it onto Andrew’s door.

The note read:

Hi Andrew. This may seem a little weird but my sister Darcy Dockery has seen you around the dorm and she’d really like to get to know you, but she’s pretty shy.

I promise she’s a good person.

She then added Darcy’s phone number onto the bottom of the note hoping Andrew would get in touch.

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Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Abby explained why she chose to reach out to Andrew for Darcy:

Darcy had seen Andrew around and told me how cute she thought he was. She wanted to talk to him, but she didn’t know how to and was too shy to strike up a conversation.

So the night before my family and I went to move Darcy out of her dorm, I planned to take matters into my own hands. I wrote the note and waited until Darcy was busy downstairs to tape it to his door.

I’d kept the note a secret from Darcy and didn’t plan on telling her what I’d done until she got a text. While she was distracted, again downstairs, I walked by his room an hour later to check on the note and it had gone.

She’d left her phone in her room while she was away and I noticed she’d received a text, which led to me finally telling her about the note I’d left.

Seeing the note, Andrew had decided to drop Darcy a text, asking whether she wanted to ‘hang out’ so Abby’s plan had worked!

Abby Dockery text from AndrewUNILAD

At first though, Andrew wanted to make sure he was the right guy texting:

Hey I think you got the wrong Andrew. You probably thinking about the blonde one right? [sic]

You sure this the right person lol im asian? [sic]

After Darcy confirmed the Andrew who texted her was indeed the guy she fancied, they arranged to meet up.

Darcy DockeryUNILAD

Darcy told UNILAD she still can’t believe her sister left a note for Andrew, saying:

I’d seen him a couple of times around the honours dorm, where we both lived on the third floor, and I thought he was really cute, tall, and obviously pretty smart.

When Abby first told me about the note I thought she was joking. When she showed me the text I’d received, I felt very overwhelmed at first, but then found the situation humorous and I couldn’t believe she’d actually left the note.

Andrew asked if I wanted to meet up, so we went to the floor’s social lounge and talked for about an hour, mainly about school.

Unfortunately, both Andrew and Darcy moved out of the dorm two days later and haven’t spoke since.

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