Girl Shares Heartwarming Video Surprising Grandparents After Six Months Travelling

Grandparents surprised at grandaughter's returnUNILAD

There’s nothing quite like a reunion to jerk the tears. Especially a surprise reunion between loved ones.

Scottish lass Jennifer Agnew was supposed to go traveling for seven months but homesickness brought her home after four, and she used the opportunity to surprise her beloved grandparents.

The look on their faces when they see her is one of pure joy and shock. It’s hard not to smile and cry at the same time at the emotional uniting.

Here is the video:

Speaking to UNILAD, Jennifer explained why she returned from her travels early:

I went travelling around South East Asia for seven months and then head to Australia for a year for my working holiday visa. However about four months into my trip I started to feel a little homesick and wasn’t appreciating my experience as much as I should’ve been so I booked a flight to come home for four weeks before Australia.

Jennifer told her parents she was planning on coming home early, but they decided to surprise her grandparents who she is very close to, as you can see in the emotional clip.

Girl on her travelsUNILAD

Talking about the surprise, Jennifer said:

I had told my parents and friends. However we decided to surprise my grandparents as I have a close relationship. In hindsight it might’ve been a risky decision in case I gave them a heart attack.

So my mum had invited them round for dinner and as you can see from the video I was just sitting in the living room waiting for them to walk in and it’s the sheer shock in my gran’s face that I think is the best part.

Then we embrace in an emotional hug. Once my mum stopped videoing my gran had to have a brandy to calm her nerves. We celebrated with some prosecco and had a lovely little family night.

Girl on her travelsUNILAD

After Jennifer’s mum stopped recording the video, her gran still couldn’t stop crying every time she looked at her.

Is there anything more grandparent-like than needing a brandy to calm down?

Talking about the reaction her video received, Jennifer said:

I couldn’t believe how quickly the views went up and it comments are so sweet about my grandparents.

I had a lot of comments from people who have lost their grandparents and to cherish mine, my heart went out to them

Girl on her travelsUNILAD

Jennifer posted the video to Twitter and it received over 7.5k retweets and 62k likes, with commenters saying the video made them cry.

One commenter wrote:

I have no grandparents left so this warms my heart. Hold them really tight.

Another said:

That’s so beautiful. Only got to meet one of my Grans and she really didn’t like me at all. So so happy that you’ve got such a beautiful relationship with both your Grandparents.

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