Girl Shares Hilarious Throwback Of Brutal Prank She Played On Younger Sister

maid sister school outfit throwback pictureUNILAD

A teenager shared a hilarious throwback photo of herself terrorising her little sister at school, dressing her like a maid.

19-year-old Carissa from Dallas, Texas, is now best friends with her younger sister but back in 2008 Brianna was treated like ‘a guinea pig’.

Aged only nine-years-old, Carissa encouraged a then eight-year-old Brianna to wear a maid outfit to school resulting in tears.

maid sister school outfit throwback pictureUNILAD

Carissa exclusively told UNILAD she persuaded Brianna to try on the outfit by saying it would make her look ‘cool’.

She explained:

I was always pulling tricks on her or convincing her to do unusual things and so when I found the most bizarre maid-looking type of outfit while cleaning I asked her to wear it.

Being easily influenced and persuaded by her older sister, she agrees. I then start taking pictures and telling her she looks ‘so cool’ and I really made her feel comfortable wearing the outfit.

So I told her she should wear it to school so everyone will be impressed by her new outfit. Once again, she agreed, and actually wore it to school.

maid sister school outfit throwback pictureUNILAD

With Brianna ready to go to school dressed as a maid, Carissa told her slightly concerned dad it was for a project to ensure her plan went ahead.

He was pretty angry then when he discovered he had been lied to as Brianna returned home crying.

Carissa added:

I told my dad it was pilgrim day at school and he didn’t argue so just let it be. My sister knew I was lying to him but trusted me when I told her how cool she looked.

However, my sister was picked on and teased throughout the day for her outfit and I felt really bad about it.

When my dad picked us up from school my sister was crying in the car and my dad was like, ‘are you okay?’.

My sister told him how I made her dress up like that and had lied to him about it being for a school project.

I was awkwardly sitting in the car watching this all unfold. I didn’t even deny it or try to hide it and my dad started scolding me for making her do that and then for lying. When my dad told my mum, my mum was very mad as well and I tried to avoid crossing paths with her too!

Somehow Carissa got away without being grounded although Brianna did get her revenge several times during their childhood.

maid sister school outfit throwback pictureUNILAD

As her family enjoyed laughing at the old photos, Carissa decided to share them on Twitter.

She wrote:

In 2008 I forced my sister to dress up as a maid and wear this outfit to school and then I got into so much trouble when my parents found out I lied to them saying it was for a ‘school project’.

maid sister school outfit throwback pictureUNILAD

At least they can all see the funny side to it now!

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