Girl Takes Picture With Celeb, Her Grandma Thinks It’s Her Boyfriend

Brianna Jade, MichiganUNILAD

A girl’s grandma mistook the singer Shawn Mendes for her granddaughter’s boyfriend after she saw a photo of the pair.

19-year-old Brianna Jade from Michigan shared a photo of herself and Shawn on her Snapchat story after she met him following his performance on the Today show, (June 1).

When Brianna’s aunt showed her grandma the snap, she mistakenly thought Shawn was her granddaughter’s new boyfriend.

Brianna Jade and her grandmotherUNILAD

She texted Briannao say:

Who is the boy you went to New York with? I seen a picture of you with a boy. He is cute. [sic]

Of course, Brianna was left feeling confused as she hadn’t gone to New York with ‘a boy’ and didn’t know what photo her grandma was talking about.

girl picture celeb shawn mendes grandma boyfriendUNILAD
Brianna Jade texts her grandmaUNILAD

However, when Brianna realised her grandma was referring to Shawn she ‘couldn’t stop laughing’.

Brianna exclusively told UNILAD:

I was actually in New York to see Shawn perform. Later that day my friend and I saw a line of girls on a street and went to check it out.

Shawn actually came out to meet everyone! I took a photo and shared it on my Snapchat.

I was really confused when I first got her message because Shawn was the only guy I posted a picture with in New York and I thought she knew who he was!

I told her it was Shawn but I still don’t think she knows or understands exactly who he is.

Emphasising to her grandma how Shawn is famous – so she didn’t got to New York with him – Brianna’s grandma then thought she should have, asking:

why not, you can be his main squeeze.

girl picture celeb shawn mendes grandma boyfriendUNILAD
Brianna Jade texts her grandmaUNILAD

Brianna’s grandma even said Shawn should know who her granddaughter is after she’d already told her how ‘he doesn’t know I exist’.

As a huge fan of Shawn, Brianna loved the support she was getting, telling UNILAD:

I’ve known about Shawn since his days on Vine but became a big fan just over a year ago when I created @ShawnWWReports to stay up to date with his tour!

My friends all thought it was hilarious and some people even said they want a grandma like her.

I laughed when she said I can be his ‘main squeeze’. I am very grateful for her faith in me to do the impossible.

Never say never Brianna.

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