Girl Waits Two Hours For Vegan Meal, Is Shocked By What She Receives

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A girl who waited two hours for a vegan meal she ordered was left both disappointed and shocked when it arrived.

Germany is well known for its love of meat with popular dishes including currywurst, bratwurst and sauerbraten – meals which include either pork or beef.


But many German restaurants are welcoming to both vegans and vegetarians including the California-based ‘Kathrin’s Biergarten’ Taylor Mooney was visiting for Father’s Day.

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Checking out the menu beforehand, Taylor ordered a yummy sounding ‘vegan pretzel bun’ which apparently would be filled with ‘delicious veggies’.

As everyone’s food arrived Taylor had to wait longer for her meal – in total a dreadful two hours.


And as Taylor would tell you, it certainly wasn’t worth the wait as the ‘delicious veggies’ were actually just a ‘few green beans and two baby carrots sliced in half’ shoved into a dry bun.

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Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Taylor explained how she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what arrived.

She said:


This new German restaurant opened and its really rare so we were all super excited to go, especially me because they advertised themselves as being vegan and vegetarian friendly.

I was with my whole extended family and had a private room. Someone’s food came out after a little over an hour and no one else’s came out for at least another half hour so by that time he was already done eating so it was really bad customer service anyways.

Our server was wearing grey sweatpants and a messy bun and it was really weird.

My meal was so dry I had to drown it in mustard and sauerkraut. When I actually started eating it was so gross. Crunchy vegetables on dry bread does not go at all – it’s such a weird texture!

Taylor continued:

I was also the only one who didn’t get a side. Everyone else had massive plates with tons of food on it and mine came out with just this and it was the saddest looking thing and all our jaws dropped and then we started laughing at it because we were expecting so much more.

Some of the other meals people got had things like lettuce and onion on them and I didn’t get either of those.


Being a social media influencer who regularly posts about the vegan lifestyle, Taylor shared photos of her meal on Twitter.

Others were also appalled with the tweet receiving over 2,500 likes at time of writing.

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Getting some backlash from users who replied writing ‘why I’m not vegan’, Taylor emphasised there are plenty of tasty, filling and nutritionally beneficial vegan options available.


Sharing photos of some of her favourite meals, Taylor tweeted:

Now that’s NOT what we’re doing here. There’s tons of yummy vegan food out there, they’re just too lazy to make it!

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Taylor spoke to UNILAD about the mixed reception her tweet got saying:

Tons of people on social media have been shocked by it or thought that I was joking. It’s kind of funny to read all of the responses to the tweet.

I did get a lot of people telling me to not eat at non-vegan restaurants if I actually want something and there were a lot of non-vegans telling me that I was just causing the cook trouble or whatever.

But they don’t realise this is an ACTUAL menu item, that they advertise to their vegans because they think it’s what we want.

In fact it was the opposite to what Taylor both wanted or expected!

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Encouraged by people online, Taylor decided to leave the restaurant a review on Yelp. Afraid to be too harsh though Taylor gave it two stars.

She wrote:

I ordered the only vegan option and had very high expectations but it took two hours to come out and it was honestly insulting!

Everyone at the table laughed when it came out and asked if I wanted to order anything else. It was so odd, so hard to eat and the text didn’t flow.

You would think a place so ‘vegan friendly’ would carry vegan sausages or at least a potato dish!

I don’t think Taylor will be visiting the restaurant again!

UNILAD contacted Kathrin’s Biergarten for a comment.

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