Girl Walks For First Time After Car Crash And Four Surgeries

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A young woman who was seriously injured in a car crash has shared an inspirational video of herself walking again for the first time.

In June earlier this year, 22-year-old Victoria Peacock from Lake Jackson, Texas, was hit by a truck while driving to work.

Left with numerous injuries including a shattered pelvis and internal bleeding, Victoria spent a couple weeks in hospital recovering having four surgeries and three blood transfusions alongside other treatments.

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Due to her injuries, Victoria was told by doctors it could be a year before she would be able to walk again without a walker or support.

She therefore wanted to get back on her feet as soon as possible and so, when doctors said she was ready, Victoria took her first steps since the crash with the aid of a walker.

Filming the emotional moment, Victoria shared the video on Reddit which quickly went viral receiving over 47,000 supportive upvotes at time of writing (November 2).

You can watch the video here:

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Victoria explained how she couldn’t remember much from the day of the crash as during the aftermath she was continually falling in and out of consciousness.

She said:

The truck was speeding around a blind curve. I saw him in time to react and pulled into the grass but he was going so fast he lost control, drove into the grass and hit me.

I’m not happy the crash happened but it was the one week I didn’t have my children in the car so I’m grateful for the timing.

I remember a woman’s voice, she was a witness from across the street who ran to help and I remember coughing and seeing blood on the white air bag.

I couldn’t stay conscious. The EMT told me afterwards that I was bleeding out. The firemen sawed at the roof of my car because I was pinned inside the driver’s side by the truck. It took them 45 minutes to get me out of the car.

Airlifted to a nearby hospital, Victoria was given a blood transfusion and underwent emergency surgery to repair her damaged and lacerated organs.

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With Victoria’s uterus damaged in the accident, doctors told her she may never be able to have children again.

Admitting while she doesn’t plan on having any more kids, this left Victoria feeling even more angry at the man who hit her because if she didn’t have children already this could have taken away her chance of having any.

She was also left feeling concerned that being unable to walk for a year would have an impact on her kids telling UNILAD ‘that broke my spirit as my kids can’t lose a year of their life because of me’.

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Wanting to be there for her children is one of the reasons why Victoria took her first steps since the crash as soon as possible, and even though it was painful, the moment also brought her joy.

She explained why saying:

I was terrified that I wouldn’t walk again but I was too focused on being alive to really dwell on it.

My first time walking after all of this was so painful. Everything hurt, I was dizzy, felt like I was going to faint or fall apart, but I was so happy.

That’s why I love the video so much of me walking. I can not describe the pain, but I can’t describe the happiness either.

Although it is a while away, I can’t wait to take my first steps without the walker.

We hope your recovery goes well Victoria so this moment happens as soon as it can!

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The accident highlighted to Victoria the importance of road safety meaning she is now actively working to emphasise to her local government that things need to change.

She told UNILAD:

I’m contacting our County Commissioner about the dangerous roads. We need to lower the speed limit and add some patrol. The blind curves are so dangerous.

The day after I was hit, someone else was hit on the same road and also had to be airlifted to hospital. A week after I was hit, a man my age was also T-boned, he didn’t survive.

We hope your campaign is successful Victoria to improve road safety in your area for everyone.

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