Girlfriend’s Text About Going To See Infinity War Rather Than Prom Goes Viral

by : UNILAD on : 03 Apr 2018 21:10
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We are now only weeks away from the biggest event in cinematic history – none other than the release of Avengers: Infinity War.


The most ambitious film project ever attempted, pretty much every single superhero featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will appear in Infinity War including Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the list continues.

A long time coming, fans are rather excited for the film to be released with many taking it very, very seriously.


19-year-old Avery and 18-year-old Rhiannon from Hickory, North Carolina, are two such fans choosing to skip their senior prom to go to the Infinity War opening night instead.


Rather than wait a day to see what happens when The Avengers assemble against big bad Thanos, the couple, who have been together for a year and a half, decided to miss one of the biggest nights in their teenage years as the film is that important to them.

The whole idea was Rhiannon’s as she texted Avery asking if he would like to ‘dress up, take the pictures and go see a movie’ which of course would be Infinity War.

He then shared the exchange on Reddit accurately calling his girlfriend ‘the best’:

Naturally Avery said yes to the idea as all good Marvel fans known Infinity War is a much more of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event than prom.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Avery admitted the decision was an easy one:

I believe Marvel films are more than just superhero or comic book movies. While they are action-packed, their movies are just absolutely beautiful and stunning to watch.

We are both Marvel fans and most recently made it a point to see Black Panther on opening night and loved it.

As far as prom goes, we wanted to do something that was fun for the both of us, as well as memorable, and what better way to do that than to see a movie 10 years in the making?

I was ecstatic when she suggested going to see the movie instead of going to the overly-expensive and overrated prom that we attended together the previous year.

As much as prom is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, we both figured since we have been there and done that, we would make the night something that was special to us and have our own fun seeing one of the most anticipated films to date.


It really does make complete sense and I am sure there are other boyfriends and girlfriends reading this, wishing their partner will sack everything else off to see Infinity War on opening night with them instead.


To make the night ‘truly special’, as if seeing Infinity War wasn’t enough, Avery and Rhiannon have even planned a whole day around it.

He added:

We have decided to dress up in formal attire, take pictures as any prom attendee would, have a nice dinner, and of course, see the movie.

This is something we are both extremely excited for and can’t wait to see our favourite heroes fear and fight for their lives on the big screen.

I think, for both of us, out favourite Avenger would definitely have to be Spider-Man so we’re both eager to see how everything turns out.

And they aren’t the only ones!


Avery’s Reddit post has certainly struck a chord with fellow Marvel fans going viral on the site receiving over 400 comments at time of writing (April 3).

User ‘fudgerubdown’ told Avery he was a lucky man commenting:

Marry her as soon as you are able.

Another user called ‘KarateKid917’ told Avery he had might the right choice doing a similar thing in the past:


My girlfriend and I skipped Gala last year (a.k.a. college Prom) and saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on opening night. We both agreed that we had a much better time than going to Gala.

We are sure they will have a night to remember and wish them all the best!


Avengers: Infinity War smashes into UK cinemas on April 26 and US theatres on April 27.

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    Thought you all would all would appreciate this. GF suggested we go see Infinity War instead of her senior prom. Obviously she's the best.