Girl’s Boyfriend Surprises Her With Incredible Book Of ‘All Their Dates’

maggie cameron book of datesUNILAD

A girl was surprised by her boyfriend on their first anniversary when he gave her a book complete with photos from every date they went on.

20-year-old Maggie Emory and 21-year-old Cameron Dwan, both from Arizona, recently celebrated their first anniversary on June 17.

Knowing he would want to give Maggie a special gift, Cameron took photos of her every time they had a date night and compiled them into a book.

maggie cameron book of datesUNILAD

Next to each photo was a caption Cameron wrote about the date including, for the restaurant Humble Pie, ‘I am one humbled man having a perfect girl like you constantly by my side’.

For the photo of Maggie from ‘Commoner & Co’ Cameron wrote ‘the biscuits and gravy were the second best looking snack that morning’.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Maggie explained when she opened the present she burst into tears:

I thought he was taking the pictures because he liked having them, or he would post some on Snapchat so I didn’t think anything of it or have any suspicions.

Apparently once he started taking them consistently he had the idea to make a book out of them! He told me he knew from the beginning he saw a future with me and he wanted us both to remember our first year together.

He said he was originally going to give it to me for our sixth month anniversary but once it hit six months he realised he could keep it up for an entire year.

When he gave it to me we were on our anniversary trip all through Oregon. We were already having such an amazing time that the book just put it over the top. I definitely cried as soon as I opened it.

The part I loved most was all the inside jokes that he captioned the pictures with. It’s great that there are little things that only I understand and can laugh at forever.

maggie cameron book of datesUNILAD
maggie cameron book of datesUNILAD
maggie cameron book of datesUNILAD

Cameron was delighted Maggie loved his special gift which meant a lot to the pair.

He told UNILAD:

She just always looked so damn cute and beautiful sitting across the table from me so naturally I started taking pictures of her.

Date after date the pictures started to pile up. I knew I wanted to do something special with all of the pictures and that’s when I came up with the book idea. I put them all together and left the final page blank with a spot to include a photo from our anniversary dinner and a sweet message.

When I gave it to her it really was a special and unforgettable moment. She broke into tears and proceeded to laugh and cry as we went through each page together, reliving each amazing date!

I wanted this book to be something we could both look back on later in life and laugh and remember an what an extraordinary year it truly was!

We are sure there will be many more happy memories to come for Cameron and Maggie.

maggie cameron book of datesUNILAD

Maggie admits she shouldn’t have been so taken aback by Cameron’s gift as ‘he’s always been very romantic’.

She added the book wasn’t even the ‘most romantic anniversary present’ he gave her as he also cut off a branch from the tree they carved their initials in early on in their relationship.

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