Girl’s Dad Thinks Of Brilliant Invention To Stop Noisy Neighbours

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A girl’s dad thought of a brilliant way to stop his neighbours from being noisy coming up with a clever invention.

58-year-old Mark Dominey from Grapevine, Texas, was getting increasingly frustrated by his neighbours’ noisy television which was often too loud.

Having worked for a technology company, Mark used his knowledge of all things technical to programme a remote control which he could use to turn down their TV.

dad tv remote noisy neighbours uniladUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, his 22-year-old daughter Margo explained her dad put a lot of effort into the idea.

She said:

He has always been very technical and I believe he can fix anything but he’s never done something quite like this before.

The neighbours with the TV tend to be a little loud and sometimes it’s not just the TV. My dad isn’t very confrontational so he took it upon himself to find a solution. He found it all very funny and thought of it as a way to mess with and confuse our neighbours.

After pulling out his telescope he was finally able to figure out the brand of the television and even though he knew how to programme it, he was out of range.

He then had another idea and tried using the auto-programme feature of a universal remote while the TV was on at night. He is still working on it and is going to try a remote app to see if that works better than a regular remote.

We hope your work pays off, Mark!

dad tv remote noisy neighbours uniladUNILAD

Finding her dad in the garden trying to program the remote, Margo decided to take a photo and share it on Twitter thinking the world should know about his invention.

People clearly found it funny with the tweet receiving over 1,000 likes at time of writing (June 13).

Margo couldn’t believe her tweet had gone viral saying:

Honestly I never expected any of my tweets to get around like that. I was very shocked! I posted it to Twitter because I thought it was very relatable and such a dad move.

I let my dad and step-mum know and their main worry was that the neighbours would see it and find out!

As far as I know they have no idea!

And I bet your dad hopes it stays that way!

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