Girl’s Ex Sends Her Bizarre Pictures And Messages Following Split

aimee sweeney unilad girl ex strange photosUNILAD

A girl was pretty shocked when her ex-boyfriend sent her some bizarre messages of him wearing her clothes following their break-up.

20-year-old Aimee Sweeney, from Glasgow, had been dating a guy for just over two years, breaking up with him eight weeks ago (at the time of writing).

Throughout their relationship Aimee states he was continually ‘terrible for messaging and getting with other girls’.

aimee sweeney unilad girl ex strange photosUNILAD

When she found out he’d slept with another girl, Aimee immediately finished the relationship, or as she says, ‘washed my hands with him’.

Following their split though, Aimee’s now ex-boyfriend sent her messages begging her to come back to him.

However, things took a strange turn when she received photos of her ex wearing her clothes. He also sent one of her belongings, including old dirty make-up wipes laid out on the bed.

Check them out here:

aimee sweeney unilad girl ex strange photosUNILAD
aimee sweeney unilad girl ex strange photosUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Aimee explained how she couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the pictures her ex had sent, saying:

When I finished it [the relationship] he was acting all upset. He sent me too many cringeworthy, sloppy messages about how he was broken.

What followed then were photos of him actually wearing my clothes and begging for me to ‘acknowledge him’. There were also baby wipes that I had used to wash my make-up off weeks before.

I’d left these clothes at his after a night out and he’d obviously kept them!

When I saw the texts I started to feel bad for him and then he sent me the pictures of him in my clothes – I was creased and couldn’t stop giggling for days.

I shared the pictures with my mum and sisters and we all had – and still to this day have – a proper giggle about it!

Aimee added when she replied asking him why he was wearing the clothes, he responded saying it’s because ‘he could smell [her] on them’.

Understandably this left Aimee feeling rather ‘creeped out’.

aimee sweeneyUNILAD

Wanting to share this with her friends, Aimee then posted the photos on Twitter.

In her tweet she wrote:

Nahhh as if my wee cheating ex couldn’t get any worse he actual DID send me these pics of him sitting bubbling wearing my clothes that I left over at his. And I’m the mug!

Awww and that’s baby wipes that I previously wiped my make-up off with give me strength.

aimee sweeney unilad girl ex strange photosUNILAD

The internet clearly also found these photos of interest as Aimee’s tweet received over 1,300 likes at time of writing (July 7).

I don’t think she’ll be getting her belongings back anytime soon though!

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