Girl’s Friend Buys Her An Artist’s Portrait Of Her, The Results Are Hilarious

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Woman who paid for bad portraitUNILAD

People pay thousands sometimes for the perfect portrait, this woman paid $40 for this well-shaded sketch.

Okay well it was her mate who paid for it, and it was a dare. Samantha Hartemink, from Vancouver, Canada, dared her friend to buy a painting from the artist they found on Facebook marketplace.


The depiction was interesting and experimental to say the least, and the critiques of Reddit had many words about it, for a change.

girl gets portrait done onlineUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD about how the interesting portrait came about, Samantha said:

Well, my friend found this lady on Facebook market in Vancouver, advertising her art.

There were a lot of photos, some good, some not so good.

The lady that does the portraits has no idea that she is not Van Gogh. I dared him to get a photo.

He thought it would be hilarious to get one of me, despite my pleads against it. Well, he met up with her, and actually paid $40 CAD.


The woman who drew the masterpiece was apparently ‘really quirky’ and wanted to sit down and have lunch with Samantha’s friend when he picked up the picture.

Bad portrait of womanUNILAD

The sketch is like some sort of experimental, distorted style. Maybe that’s what the artist is going for and one day they’ll be discussing the unique technique on Fake or Fortune?

Probably not though, it’ll probably just get filed away in the Reddit sketch book of life. Samantha’s friend is actually so proud of his purchase that he is making her frame it with an ‘equally terrible’ frame.


Talking about how she felt about the sketch, Samantha said:

I was a little bit offended, like, ‘Is my hairline that bad?’

From what I understand about the woman, she was very serious about her work. The ads that she put up, she took seriously.

She never responded to any negative comments from people. She seemed almost oblivious to the quality of her work.

Since then, Samantha has has lots of comments about her portraits, with many people sending her in replacements.

Sketch of girlUNILAD

She said about the response:

Many people have actually been sketching me, they’re like ‘I’m sorry you paid $40 for this, here’s a sketch’. It’s wild.

One hilarious commenter made a slight change to the classic Titanic line, saying:


Draw me like one of your French abominations.

Sketch of girlUNILAD

Another commenter dove into a deep critique of the sketch, saying:

OP has a barely noticeable widows peak with her hair pulled back like that. In the pic she has the full blown 40-year-old man with a severely receding hairline peak.

And she moved it over to the left side of her forehead, why? The hair even looks like she has on a hair net.

She’s either one step from cutting her ear off and moving to France, or she needs her meds adjusted. I shouldn’t criticise but this sh*t is criminal if she was indeed saying she could draw a portrait that looks like the picture.

But really I imagine it’s yet another internet scammer that technically gave you what you paid for and made $40 with ten minutes of her time. Maybe 20 because she did shade the thing like a champ!

And then the nipples. I just can’t…

Sketch of girlUNILAD

I think the above commenter summed it up pretty well really.

I guess $40 isn’t too much for a good laugh.

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