Girl’s Little Brother Uses Suspenders To Make His Shirt Look Fresh

18-year-old brother Tata YimbuUNILAD

A guy’s gone viral on Twitter after his sister posted photos of him using suspenders to make his shirt look fresh.

19-year-old Yaya Bibiana from Matteson, Illinois, was relaxing in her room when her 18-year-old brother Tata Yimbu walked in.

He was wearing just a shirt, boxers and, last but not least, suspenders – Yaya was quite shocked and questioned her brother as to why he’d decided to show off his outfit to her.

tata yimbu shirt and suspenders UNILADUNILAD

However, it all made sense when Tata explained his suspenders were in fact ‘shirt stays’ which he’d purchased from Amazon.

It turns out shirt stays – which to be fair, do look like suspenders – have been used by men for years to keep their outfits looking dapper.

Hidden beneath your trousers, they ensure your shirt stays tucked in, meaning it doesn’t ride up and crease.

tata yimbu suspenders UNILADUNILAD

As Tata explained exclusively to UNILAD, he got the idea from his uncle, who’s been using shirt stays for years.

He said:

I’m all about looking sharp and nothing hurts more than wearing a nicely framed suit just for it to be tacky at the waistline, unravel while I move around or untuck after taking a seat.

At first I’d use duck tape on my shirt to keep it from moving, or a pin to hold my undergarment and my shirt.

My uncle actually saw me a few weeks ago using it and told me about shirt stays from Amazon. He said he’s been using them and that it will solve all my problems.

Once it came in, I tried it on and immediately showed my sister. It looked a tad kinky but it got the job done AND any real man shouldn’t have a problem wearing one .

In fact, as he told his sister Yaya, ‘every man needs one’ so fellas, take note.

tata yimbu shirt stay suspenders uniladUNILAD

In fact Tata goes as far to say, shirt stays are a game changer for young men like him, adding:

I think it’s very effective and although I didn’t create it, I had other alternatives that correlate to the original product.

I was definitely serious when I said ‘every man needs one’ in their closet because it’s a game changer and our generation needs to be put on the game ! I love looking sharp!

His sister Yaya decided the world needed to know about shirt stays and so posted photos of Tata wearing them on Twitter.

With the tweet receiving over 48,000 likes at time of writing, it appears others appreciated the cleverness of the idea.

tata yimbu shirt stay suspenders uniladUNILAD

Yaya admitted to UNILAD she wasn’t even surprised the tweet went viral as the idea is innovative, explaining:

When he came into the room with them it was the funniest yet smartest thing ever. I definitely thought it was a smart idea although I wasn’t expecting to see him walk out like that just to show me.

It was unexpected however – we are very close so it didn’t bother me. My first reaction was to put it on Snapchat but I decided to post it on Twitter because it was both funny and innovative, and I needed a larger audience to see it.

I wasn’t surprised when it went viral because I, for instance, didn’t know about such a thing for men, so I wasn’t shocked when the average American didn’t either.

Learning more about shirt stays, Yaya added both men and women should have one in their wardrobe!

Yaya Bibiana suspenders UNILADUNILAD

Tata though, was surprised the tweet had gone viral, but is glad it did.

He concluded:

I felt a bit weird when my sister asked to take a picture of it because I was in my undergarments but I trusted her and knew she wasn’t out to destroy my image.

I didn’t know it went viral until she walked into my room telling me. That’s very cool. I’m glad it went around that fast! Hopefully more people will buy it, especially the youth.

Available on Amazon from just £5, why not pick one up? It could change your wardrobe!

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