Girl’s Mum Comes Up With Inventive Way To Pass Toilet Roll

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jul 2018 11:09
Lacy the boxerLacy the boxerUNILAD

A woman came up with an inventive way to pass toilet roll to her daughter who was stuck in the toilet without any.


17-year-old Madison Jones, from Lumberton, Texas, was in a sticky situation when she realised there was no toilet roll in the bathroom after doing her business.

Texting her mum an SOS for help, Madison was rather surprised when her dog, Lacy, arrived at the door with a toilet roll attached to her collar.

Lacy the boxer with toilet rollLacy the boxer with toilet rollUNILAD

Lacy, a three-year-old petite boxer, has been with the Jones family since she was a puppy, and like most pet pooches, loves to play fetch and run around.


She was also more than happy to come to Madison’s rescue!

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Madison said:

Once I had already gone I realised I was stranded so I text my mum, who is my best friend, and she didn’t answer.

A few moments later my dog Lacy came into the bathroom. I was surprised and very relieved.

My mum is very creative so I wasn’t very shocked when she said the collar thing was her idea. Also Lacy is so sweet and energetic and loves to play fetch, tug-of-war and run outside. She was happy to help.

Lacy and my mum have a lot in common. They both love all of us unconditionally and are very caring.

Madison's text to her momMadison's text to her momUNILAD
Lacy and MadisonLacy and MadisonUNILAD

We hope you gave Lacy plenty of treats Madison for her good work!

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