Girl’s Mum Goes AWOL, Turns Out She’s Hanging Out With Nicolas Cage

Alexa and Michele Nicholas CageUNILAD

A daughter who was worried about her mum after she went AWOL, was surprised when it turned out she’d been uncontactable because she’d met Nicolas Cage.

22-year-old Alexa from Alberta, Canada, rings her mum every day after work just to chat on the drive home and see how her day is going.

Describing her relationship with her mother Michelle as ‘close’, Alexa was concerned one day when her mum didn’t pick up the phone.

Alexa's mom, MicheleUNILAD

After waiting for a call back, Alexa then text her mum asking what she was up to and if she was okay.

Replying to her daughter, Michelle said she was at the shops in Kelowna, mailing a parcel to her as well as grabbing an ice cream – before adding she’d bumped into Nicolas Cage.

Explaining she ‘had stopped for a nice chat and a selfie’ with the actor, Michelle also sent a photo of the pair:

alexa mum awol nicolas cage photo uniladUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Alexa said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the image, especially since the pair are both fans of the Con Air star.

She explained:

Holy sh*t I was floored. It’s hilarious and random, but so cool. I was really just shocked and so excited for her.

I called her immediately and she was just walking home. She told me that she welcomed him to Kelowna and chatted for a minute before asking if he had time to take a selfie together.

If you had asked me this morning what two people I would get a photo of together, I would never in a million years have guessed my mum and Nic Cage.

Then I sent it to all of my friends, who promptly also freaked out.

That’s pretty understandable to be fair. Nic Cage is a legend!

alexa and mum MichelleUNILAD

Although Michelle was being pretty ‘casual’ about posting the photo on social media, Alexa decided it was too ‘cool’ not to share.

Posting the image on Reddit, it understandably went viral, receiving over 13,000 upvotes at time of writing (July 9).

The internet just can’t get enough of Mr Cage!

alexa mum awol nicolas cage photo uniladUNILAD

Alexa couldn’t believe how much interest the post received:

I think that it’s hilarious, and so, so cool. I made a joke to her last night about how we had a couple hundred upvotes (after explaining what that meant) and how it would go viral but didn’t actually think it would happen.

When I woke up this morning and saw, I was pretty floored! My mum thinks it’s hilarious too, and says that she ‘had so much fun taking the photo, and just hopes other people can have fun with it as well’.

She’s just glad it’s making people laugh or smile. Sweetest lady ever!

She really does seem so! I’m also pretty jealous she’s met Nicolas Cage!

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