Greasy Food World Records You Can Try To Beat At Home

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Oct 2020 16:47
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I hate to say it, but greasy food is bad for us. It’s unfortunate, because greasy food is often the most enjoyable – just think of pizza, burgers, a full fry-up. If only there were a day dedicated to all the delicious, not-so-healthy dishes out there… oh wait, that’s today!

October 25 marks Greasy Foods Day; a day to celebrate the fact that it’s okay to indulge every now and again with plates piled high with deep-fried, oily, hearty products.


According to National Day Calendar, Greasy Foods Day takes place annually in the US and is marked by the hashtag #GreasyFoodsDay. However, just because it’s an American day doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it across the globe.

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Every piece of fried chicken, every bite of salty french fry and every crunch of cheesy nacho is delicious, but there’s nothing quite as gratifying as having your plate completely buried beneath a mountain of mouth-watering food.

Food challenges often display this best, with eateries promising a free dinner if you manage to make it through a monstrous burger in an hour and determined diners taking on dozens of dishes in order to set new records.


Not everyone has a food challenge on their doorstep, but that doesn’t mean we should miss out on the fun – especially on a day like today. If you really want to make the most of Greasy Foods Day, there are some challenges you can take on that, if successful, would probably leave you more full and with more indigestion than anyone else on the entire planet.

That’s right, they’re world records.

The premise of beating a world record might seem daunting, but there are a number of eating challenges that you could take on for a bit of fun. If you succeed, you can gloat about being the best in the world at eating. If you fail, you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a massive, delicious dinner.

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A few examples of greasy world records include the most hamburgers eaten in one minute, the fastest time to eat a burrito, and the fastest time to eat a pizza with a knife and fork.

The first record is currently held by Ricardo Francisco, who managed to scoff down five burgers in 60 seconds in 2016. If, like me, you’re someone who feels they can demolish a burger in the blink of an eye, then slap a few patties on some buns and see whether you’ve really got what it takes to beat Ricardo.

Check out Ricardo’s win here:


When it comes down to it, chewing probably takes a lot longer than you might think – but don’t forget to do it! We don’t want Greasy Foods Day to be the cause of any choking fits.

If five-plus burgers seems a bit daunting, then you could opt instead for the burrito challenge; a record nicely wrapped up in a single tortilla. The current record is held by Leah Shutkever, set in 2019 when she demolished the wrap and all of its contents in just 35.26 seconds, topping her previous record of 44.20 seconds.

Leah fastest time to eat a burritoGuinness World Records/YouTube

Filled with rice, cheese, peppers, onions, meat, beans and salsa, burritos are a treasure trove of deliciousness and it might not seem like a struggle to eat one quickly, but Leah proved that it’s not as easy as it sounds when she took on her second attempt at the record.

It took Leah three tries to beat her initial record, and after chowing down on the first two burritos at incredible speed it’s difficult to comprehend how she managed a third one.

Check out the moment she broke the record below:


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Admittedly it looks like Leah deserves to remain the record holder after seeing the effort she went through, but if you can manage to beat her time of 35.26 seconds, then you’d certainly be a worthy winner.

The third record you could attempt to take on isn’t just about shoving food in your mouth as quickly as possible; it also involves some speedy cutlery work.

The fastest time to eat a 12″ pizza with a knife and fork is 23.62 seconds; a record that has not been broken since Kelvin Medina achieved it in 2015.


While some people might consider it blasphemous to eat a pizza with a knife and fork rather than with your hands, the method means you can’t just fold up the pizza and shove it in your mouth as if it were one giant slice.

Instead, participants have to do a fair amount of chopping and stabbing to ensure you can get as much pizza on the fork as possible, without wasting precious seconds by dropping it back on the plate.

Footage of the record shows Medina had a solid method that may be worth keeping in mind for your own attempt; sweeping slices with the knife followed by a swift folding of the pizza, before using both the knife and fork to guide it to your mouth as quickly as possible.

Check it out below:

Again, chewing is more important than breaking the record, but with a mouth full of cheesy deliciousness to enjoy hopefully that won’t be too hard to remember.

Betting company SlotsWise rated some of the above world records according to their cost, ease of setup and their difficulty level based on the number of years since the world record was set – assuming the more recently it was set, the easier it is to break.

The fastest time to eat a burrito came in as one of the more challenging records to beat, while eating a pizza with a knife and fork was considered slightly easier, but more expensive.

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If none of these records are for you, you could perhaps try to top the most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes (746 grams), the most lasagne eaten in 30 seconds (380 grams) or the most sausages eaten in a minute (10).

Alternatively, you could spend Greasy Foods Day just eating greasy foods at a normal pace, but remember the faster you eat it, the more you get to consume.

Forget being healthy for a few hours – indulge in some tasty treats while you have the chance!

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