Grumpy Husky Goes Viral For Hilarious Christmas Card Photoshoot

by : Francesca Donovan on : 21 Dec 2018 15:23
This grumpy husky went viral for his Christmas card photoshoot facesThis grumpy husky went viral for his Christmas card photoshoot facesSupplied

This grumpy husky pup is every Scrooge out there when we try and tackle the minefield of Christmas festivities, especially the dreaded family Christmas card photograph. 


Meet Anuko. You might recognise his grumpy husky face? You may have seen him go viral in 2015. You might just see the curmudgeonly look his eyes reflected back at you in the mirror when you’re readying the troops to go Christmas shopping or putting on your Sunday best to impress your slightly racist grandma.

UNILAD spoke to his human, Yasmine, about how much this grumpy husky hates Christmas and I’m thinking he might just be my festive spirit animal.

Just take a look at the photographic evidence below:


Yasmine lives with Anuko in the snowy wilds of England, where this hilarious photoshoot took place at Christmastime back in 2017 in their back garden, to be precise.

The husky-lover and blogger, speaking to UNILAD, joked:

He’s not a fan of Christmas too much because of the food he’s not allowed to eat and he gets yelled at if he goes too close to decorations. Christmas Day he sulks in my room and doesn’t come out usually… Unless I buy him presents!

‘Yet he’s absolutely loving the snow this year’, Yasmine claims…Even if the grumpy husky doesn’t look like it.

Anuko turns five years old on 2 January, 2019 and has four brothers and sisters who he’ll hang out with on his special day.

Yasmine laughed at the idea he might hate Christmas because his birthday is overshadowed by Jesus’, but added ‘he’s well known for his grumpiness’.

The 21-year-old animal-lover isn’t wrong. Anuko is no stranger to online viral superstardom, and is kind of a big deal in the husky world.


His notable grumpy husky features first went viral and received the canine meme-treatment way back when Pepe the Frog was a mere glint in trolls’ eyes. Now, he’s even got merch.

It all started with a tweet in 2015, accompanied by a series of four photos which perfectly captured Anuko preparing to play catch with a ball which his human never threw as part of a trick.

Yasmine wrote:

So I pretended to throw a ball and caught the exact moment my dog realised I had betrayed him…

Cue: the sound of hysterical laughter and retweets from dog owners who can relate the world wide web over.

If only Anuko knew how happy he’d made so many people, maybe he’d crack a smile?

Although Anuko’s grumpy husky face might be known globally, for anyone with a decent WiFi connection, Yasmine told UNILAD he’s actually a Very Good Boy.

Speaking to us with Anuko by her side, travelling on a train, Yasmine said:

He’s really friendly and quite quiet and lazy in reality. He’ll sleep the entire train journey and keep to himself. He’s a good boy. There are some hilarious photos of him as a puppy which show he’s just always been grumpy.

Yasmine and Anuko really are best friends. They met when Anuko was just a few weeks old, when Yasmine was going through a tough time and neither have looked back since.


Yasmine, the Snow Dog Guru, recalled:

I got him as a puppy because I was dealing with some problems with my mental health, I wasn’t really well at all. I’d quit school and just about gave up on life. Thankfully he came along and changed everything!

Yasmine explained how Anuko has changed her life, concluding:

I could no longer stay in bed because if I did he would’ve pooped on my bed – which actually happened once when I refused to get up! Slowly because of him my mental health improved.

I’m now back in school and studying to go to veterinary school for medicine, none of which would’ve happened without him. A pro of going into the vet field will be I can bring him to work and hopefully some classes at school.

Funnily enough, Anuko’s grumpy husky Christmas antics are bringing festive cheer to all, far and near.

As far as Yasmine is concerned, Anuko deserves to be treated like it’s Christmas every day.

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