Guy Accidentally Texts Boss Making Hilariously Awkward Confession

Guy whose friend accidentally texted his bossUNILAD

Drunk texting never ends well, particularly if you send a text to the wrong person, and especially if you text your boss instead of your mate.

I suppose it couldn’t get any worse if that text revealed you’d been stealing from work all along. Yep, that’s the situation a guy recently found himself in.

Here is the cringe-inducing message:

The unfortunate fella, who wished to stay anonymous, texted his boss saying ‘Alright, I don’t do anything but steal from work’, going on to explain he steals ‘drinks and snacks’.

A friend of the culprit who posted the hilarious screenshots to Twitter, Karlo Ban, told UNILAD:

So my friend finished his shift and went to the pub with some of the boys. He was telling a few of the lads how much he hated work and the boss especially.

He was obviously a few drinks down already and was going a bit loose. I was at work myself and we were chatting about our works and so forth and after I sent him a text, he didn’t respond to me for 30 minutes or so.

I didn’t think much of it considering I knew he was drinking and was probably off his chops. About 30 minutes later, I get a text from him saying ‘Omg I was meant to text to you but I texted my f****** boss instead!!!’.

I was thinking to my self that it couldn’t be that bad until he showed me the screenshot of his messages with his boss.

Text accidentally sent to managerUNILAD

Karlo continued:

I started cracking up, couldn’t contain my self then he called trying to talk to me, half-drunk half worried mumbled, stuttering every second word.

All you can hear in the background is all the boys at the pub laughing hysterically thinking and here he was trying to think of an excuse.

In the end all the boys thought the best excuse to say was that his little cousin stole his phone and typed that to his boss.

His boss never responded back after sending the cousin excuse, which worried the f**k out of my mate. Luckily my mate was telling me that the next day that when he went into work his boss didn’t mention anything about what happened the night prior.

But when he said good morning, the boss did give my mate a bit of a suspicious stare for a few seconds and continued like normal straight afterwards.

I’m impressed he’s still got a job after that!

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