Guy Asks Pizza Hut To Send Him Nudes… They Have Hilarious Response

Tyler Torrey from Seward, AlaskaUNILAD

A guy asked Pizza Hut to ‘send nudes’ in his delivery instructions and they had the perfect response!

24-year-old Tyler Torrey from Seward, Alaska was staying at a hotel at the end of May and decided to order some pizza to his room from the local hut.

For a laugh, in the ‘delivery instructions’ box online, Tyler simply typed ‘send nudes’ to see if he got a response.

Well, he did!

Tyler Torrey from Seward, AlaskaUNILAD

In addition to the pizza he’d ordered, Tyler received a plain one – no tomato sauce, no cheese and no toppings – a nude pizza!

A member of staff had even written inside the box ‘one nude pizza sent’ followed by a cheeky winking face.

Tyler couldn’t believe the response, as exclusively told UNILAD:

The delivery driver said nothing and neither did I. I expected nothing to happen when I said ‘send nudes’, I thought the person reading it would scoff at best and be offended at worst.

The last thing I expected was an actual effort by Pizza Hut to take my joke a step further. I’ve never written funny notes in the instructions before. I laughed for a good five minutes.

The dough was free and I actually ate half of it. I thought they may have charged me for two pizzas, but nope!

pizza hut's nude pizza for Tyler TorreyUNILAD

Finding it hilarious, Tyler even shared the photo of the nude pizza on Reddit for the world to enjoy:

pizza hut nudes tyler torreyUNILAD

Pizza Hut certainly won the internet that day!

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