Guy Sends Most Brutal Text To Girlfriend After Finding Hair Everywhere


Any girl with hair can relate to the fact that we moult, everywhere, all the time, but I for one never thought about the impact this could have for the men in our lives.

Well for one boyfriend it all got too much, and 20-year-old Keenan Meakin went into meltdown after he tried to put his socks on, but found his toes entangled in his girlfriend’s hair.

He’d had enough, and sent a hilariously explosive message about how if a border collie stayed at his house three times a week there would be no difference at all.

His girlfriend Sophie captioned this message ‘Love getting nice texts off my boyfriend’…


The exchange between the pair was hilarious, with Keenan beginning the conversation by saying:

You’re banned from brushing your hair in my room now. I’m bored of finding fucking hair everywhere.

If I f***ed you off and let a border collie stay here three times a week instead there would be no difference at all.

Twitter broke out in a storm of people relating to poor Keenan, it seems all guys have this issue with their girlfriends.

Speaking to UNILAD, Keenan’s girlfriend Sophie said:

I was at college with my mates and then I got a text ‘I’m so sick of this hair’ and I just got this big rant about my hair. Then his mum was messaging me about my hair, saying she always hoovered it up everywhere.

He was like ‘it’s everywhere it sticks to everything, it’s all over me all the time’, he had a right tantrum.

Then in the morning when I was getting ready for work, I was about to brush my hair and he just shouted ‘stop’ and made me go in the other room.

After the text message went viral he just kept saying that everyone agreed with him.


Keenan told us:

I was fuming haha just put my work sock on and there was hair inside it all wrapped around my toes and it gets everywhere, in the bed on my clothes.

I let it slide for a while but I was in a bad mood so I just let loose on her. I can’t even remember now I was that fuming at the time, she goes and brushes it in my mums room now.

She started brushing it in my room the other day and I sent her out.


In response to Keenan’s funny hair-related meltdown, Sophie replied:

What do you want me to do? Not brush my hair? Get dreads? Oh my god. You’re so extra.

It sounds like the two of them sorted the issue for now, but I definitely empathise with both sides.


Keenan’s words of advice for guys, you ask? ‘When you get a Mrs, buy a hair net too’, while Sophie said, ‘I pay a lot of attention to my hair, I’ll put it where I want.’

May the thoroughly hilarious and relatable argument continue.

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