Guy Blocks Toilet And Says Sorry In The Most Unique Way

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A guy who blocked a toilet at a store in America apologised for his actions in the most unique way.

17-year-old Will from Washington, US, was having a pretty normal day working at his local Office Depot store, when a man came running in.

Heading straight to the bathroom, the man did his business but felt guilty about leaving the toilet blocked, so apologised by writing, ‘I’m sorry’ in loo roll on the cistern.

blocked toilet apologyUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD about the incident, Will said he appreciated the man’s apology when he saw what had happened.

He told us:

So while I was working, some guy came in and I asked ‘how may I help?’ He replied asking where the toilet was. He seemed hurried and jogged over to the back of the store where the bathroom is.

I paid little attention and kept going about my job and 15 minutes later, he left the store without buying anything.

I went to use the bathroom myself and noticed it smelled pretty awful in the stall he must have been in. I walked in and immediately noticed the terrible brown colour of the water and floating bits of faeces.

He did his best to cover it with toilet paper. So much of the monstrosity was hidden from site but man it looked explosive!

Roll of toilet paperPA

Will continued:

I was the first employee to find it and at first I was pretty p*ssed because someone didn’t flush, but after trying it myself and reading the note which said ‘I’m sorry’ in toilet paper, the pieces started to fall into place.

The guy really did try and lighten the grossness for the janitors. He was pretty normal looking so he must have eaten something that did not sit well at all.

It was surprising but weird people come in all the time so you kind of grow a thick skin.

To be fair I would’ve forgiven him too as we’ve all been there – or is that just me?

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As Will added, thankfully, the toilet situation ‘was a pretty easy fix’ – although cleaning it ‘felt like when Jessie and Walt kept almost throwing up when they had to clean up the blood guts from the body they tried to dissolve in Breaking Bad‘.

I’d rather you than me Will!

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