Guy Brutally Trolls Creep Who Slid Into His Girlfriend’s DMs


I can’t think of a funnier way of marking your territory than by sending a photo of your wrinkly scrotum to the intruder.

That’s exactly what Ian from Scotland did when a random man messaged his girlfriend Lauren saying ‘When did your tits get so big?’.

Ian didn’t just send the shameless testicle shot though, he trolled the guy into thinking he was about tor receive a kinky photo of Lauren.


Speaking to UNILAD, Ian said:

She didn’t know what to reply to be honest it’s a bit of a weird first line, I just thought it was hilarious and he just said ‘move man’ or something after.

I mean she shoots them down before me it’s just because I was there this time, it happens a lot cause she’s very pretty.


19-year-old Ian didn’t have much to say about the situation, but said ‘it’s just a laugh really’.

Ian and Lauren have been together for a month and are starting different universities now. This will make a pretty good fun-fact when introducing themselves on their first day.


Imagine being all geared up for a photo of a girl and then are met with this…


Ian was surprisingly apathetic to that fact that over 2.4k people had liked a photo of his balls on Twitter.

Since the messages have gone viral, other girls have come forward saying the same guy had messaged them. Hopefully he gets the message!

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