Guy Caught Out With Friend’s Sister On New Snapchat Update


While the new Snapchat update may be good for finding where your mates are at a festival or while out on the lash, it’s terrible for those who want to cheat on their partners without fear of being tracked. Sad!

Gone are the days where people could cavort with anyone they liked without the fear of MI5 cramping their vibe. Halfway into 2017, the game has changed, the stakes raised, and the banter multiplied.

A recent tweet uploaded by @CallumRahman went viral highlighting the problems the update can cause.

The post has so far racked just under 11k and 40k RT’s and likes.

Obviously set-up for banter, I found out the deets from Callum.

What would you have done if you actually saw your mate with your sister on Snapchat? Still post on Twitter for the craic, or batter him?

It wasn’t my sister, I just saw my mate put that in the chat for a laugh and I thought it was quite funny.

Like, the two lads live next door to each other so it’s looks like him and his sister were together. So Ben stuck the screenshot in for a laugh and Niall’s response was quite funny.

Ahh. Say your mate finds out one of your mates is with his sister. Would you back him up or just still post on Twitter for the craic?

Well if he really was with his 14-year-old sister I wouldn’t post it on Twitter.

Makes sense.

If you don’t appreciate strangers knowing exactly where you are, you can disable the map feature by going to settings and hitting ‘Ghost Mode’.