Guy ‘Completely Speechless’ After Receiving Bizarre Message From Girl’s Boyfriend

marc simpson bizarre message guy's girlfriend uniladUNILAD

The internet is a strange place and I’m sure there are plenty of people who have received their fair share of bizarre messages online.

The message 20-year-old Marc Simpson from Lhanbryde, Scotland, was sent though took things to a new level of odd.

It was so bizarre it not only left him speechless but also went viral online.

marc simpson bizarre message guy's girlfriend uniladUNILAD

One day when Marc opened his Instagram he saw a message request from a stranger named Poalo.

It read:

Hi. Why does my girlfriend always pure like ur pics posts for? She want into your pants or something? Or has that already happened?

Not being cheeky, obviously don’t want to be battered by you but she seems to like everything you post!

And obviously not going to ask her if yous have as I don’t want to lose her.

Now that really is a weird message to receive from a stranger!

marc simpson bizarre message guy's girlfriend uniladUNILAD

As Marc told UNILAD he had no idea who either Poalo or the girlfriend were.

So he decided to do some digging:

When I saw the notification I just thought it was like a spam message. But when I opened it and read it I was just sat there like what? This boy can’t be for real?

So then I went onto his profile but he was private. I had no idea who he was so I asked him who his girlfriend was but he was like I can’t tell you because you’ll know who I am.

Then I was like how am I supposed to know if I’m shagging your girlfriend or not then? I don’t know who you are.

He was just like tell me and that’s when I got bored and blocked him.

Before Marc blocked him though he did send a photoshopped random picture of his mate because why not!

marc simpson bizarre message guy's girlfriend uniladUNILAD

Deciding to share his experience with the strange message online, Marc shared a screenshot of it on Twitter writing ‘whit someone come collect their boyfriend’.

Clearly others found it just as funny and peculiar as Marc did as, at time of writing (May 17) the tweet has received over 6,400 likes so far.

Marc also added ‘he’s right though I will batter him’ as a comment below.

marc simpson bizarre message guy's girlfriend uniladUNILAD

Receiving plenty of responses, the majority of the replies either applauded Marc for sharing the hilarious tweet or were simply laughing face emojis.

One comment though caught Marc’s attention because it was almost as absurd as the original message.

He told UNILAD:

There was one of an older man telling me I can go shag his wife. I just said ‘nae bother I’ll be over in 10 minutes’.

User Bobby Boabster did indeed tweet back to Marc:

Right wee man. Get yourself round here!! I’ve got a job for you. She’s in her 40’s though.

Bring a mate, she’s a bit of a lass.


after posting the original message to Twitter marc received a reply from a man offering his wife to himUNILAD

The internet and its bizarreness never stops surprising me.

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