Guy ‘Defies Gravity’ With ‘Get Low’ Walk On One Of Steepest Streets In San Francisco

by : UNILAD on : 11 Sep 2018 15:05
get low san francisco sloped streetsget low san francisco sloped streetsUNILAD

A video has gone viral of a guy getting low on the famous sloped streets of San Francisco.


Filbert Street lies in the heart of the city and leads to Coit Tower, an art deco structure which is dedicated to the volunteer firemen who died in San Francisco’s five major fires.

While it may not be the steepest road in the world, an honour claimed by Canton Avenue in Pittsburgh which has a 37 per cent gradient, Filbert Street would still be difficult to get up with a maximum gradient of 31.5 per cent (17.5 degrees).

You can see just how precipitous it is in the viral video below:


While visiting the city with his dad, 19-year-old Daniel White stumbled across the street after he visited the tower, enjoying the stunning 360 degree view of San Francisco you get at the top.

When he and his dad saw Filbert Street though, they were pretty excited by how sheer it was.

Daniel told UNILAD:

We went down and we saw this extremely steep street and we said ‘hell nah’ but we did it and went down it anyways.

It was pretty insane. It was god damn steep, I can assure you that. It was like amazing.

There was this weird effect as we walked down the street because our centre of gravity was at a different point in our body so we could lean back a bit.

get low san francisco sloped streetsget low san francisco sloped streetsUNILAD

As Daniel messed around on the street leaning as far back as he could, the hit song Get Low by DJ Snake and Dillon Francis started playing in his head.

In the video for the 2014 dance anthem people can be seen leaning back, getting as low as they possibly can and so Daniel thought, maybe he should give it a try on the street.

He told us:


In the video for that song the guys and girls get really low like I did in the video, but like way more we talking about 90 degrees like super cool. So I tried to do it and I was so shocked because it actually worked.

I kept leaning backwards and I was still standing up. I said ‘Dad, I want to record a video, I want to remember this moment’ and so he took my phone and recorded the video and it was pretty insane and funny and it made my day and whole month.

It made it totally worth being there just for that experience. I am not exaggerating here, it was super fun to do.

At least we now know where Daniel would recommend you visit if you are ever in San Francisco!

get low san francisco sloped streetsget low san francisco sloped streetsUNILAD

Wanting to share his video with the world, Daniel posted it on Reddit. Quickly going viral it has, at time of writing (September 11), over 25,000 upvotes.

Daniel told UNILAD he couldn’t believe the reception it received:

I was like impressed as it got thousands of views in a matter of hours. It was amazing.

It was in the top give of the subreddit ‘funny’ and it was like in the top 50 of the world.

It went viral and I was like ‘holy sh*t’. I sent the video to my dad and he was like ‘oh my god it is amazing’.

As fans of steep streets, maybe you and your dad should visit Pittsburgh next Daniel to visit Canton Avenue and get low there!

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