Guy Forced On Holiday With Ex Because ‘No One Wanted To Take His Place’

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A guy went on holiday to Tenerife with his ex-girlfriend after they split up only weeks before they were due to jet off.

21-year-old Sean Young from Sunderland and his girlfriend booked a week away in sunny Tenerife about three months ago having been in a relationship for nine months.

However, when the pair broke up about six weeks ago, they realised if they cancelled the holiday they would only get back about 10 per cent of what they had paid.

Rather than waste the money, they decided to go despite the recent split.

sean young boyfriend holiday exUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Sean explained how the split was amicable with the pair deciding to remain friends.

He said it helped they first met at school:

We met way back in primary school and then went to the same secondary school. We lost contract a few years ago but got back in touch and started seeing each other just over a year ago.

We were seeing each other for a few months before getting together. We broke up last month but it felt like longer given that we had known each other nearly all our lives.

We broke up because the relationship wasn’t going in the right direction and we were always arguing and wanted different things. It was a mutual decision and we had no real issues to iron out so we decided to stay friends.

sean young boyfriend holiday exUNILAD

Wanting to stay friendly, Sean and his ex-girlfriend felt they could still enjoy the holiday together.

Sean added since they had already paid for the trip, it made sense not to lose this money:

We looked into cancelling it but would’ve only got 10 per cent of what we paid so it wasn’t worth it. We then tried desperately to sell it to other people but she didn’t want to take less than she paid for it.

But then there was a £150 name change charge to be added on for the buyer so nobody was going to buy that for the full price and an extra £150. I would’ve sold it for a lot less if I could have.

Because of the fact we couldn’t sell it and would’ve got next to nothing if we cancelled, we thought we should just go away anyway as it would have been a waste not to.

However, after the holiday got off to ‘a rocky start’ when the pair disagreed on how much time they had to spare at the airport, Sean thought the decision to go was now ‘questionable’.

sean young boyfriend holiday exUNILAD

Although day one went pretty smoothly, with day two there was certainly a change in tone.

Sean explained:

We touched down late Sunday night and had our first full day yesterday. It was great until she had a little too much to drink on the night and couldn’t stand up.

I had to carry her back to the hotel after we had to jump out of the taxi because she was going to be sick (she also left her shoes in the taxi).

Today has not been so good. We managed one whole day without any drama before today came along – we got into a big argument and ended up going out separate ways to do our own thing all day. Only five more days left.

Good luck Sean…

He decided to share his experience on Twitter, partly to keep himself entertained, with the tweet receiving, at time of writing (June 26), over 55,000 likes:

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We hope the last five days weren’t as bad as the second Sean!

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