Guy Forgets To Tell His Mum He’s Hiking, She Starts Full-On Police Search

by : UNILAD on : 10 Aug 2018 15:04
Guy who went for hike and was reported as missingGuy who went for hike and was reported as missingUNILAD

Mums always worry, it’s part of their psyche, and this mum is no different, filing a missing person’s report when her son was on holiday.


Jordan Craig went on a two week trip to the Grand Canyon, where naturally there isn’t much signal, and when his mum couldn’t get hold of him, she launched a full-on police report.

His concerned mum got very worried when none of his friends answered messages from her, and his Twitter followers also got involved in the search.

Tweet about being reported missingTweet about being reported missingUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Jordan explained what happened:


I’m a traveling photographer and on Tuesday June 12 I mentioned to my mom I was gonna be gone to the Grand Canyon for a couple of weeks.

The trip is much more than that and included parts of Utah as well, but I was just basically letting her know that I’d be gone for a couple weeks on the road so I wouldn’t be stopping by the house to say hi.

On Monday morning around 4am I started my descent down into the Supai Reservation in the basin of the Grand Canyon. It was a five hour hike to the campsite where I would be staying until Thursday afternoon.

There’s absolutely no service in the area because of its remote location, but there is some public WiFi in the village, roughly a two hour hike from where I was staying.

On Wednesday I hiked to the village to reserve a helicopter flight out on Thursday. When I connected to the WiFi I got quite a bit of notifications that started to roll in, which isn’t abnormal but this was more than usual.

Facebook post about missing sonFacebook post about missing sonUNILAD

He explained what happened when he finally got signal:

I went through my texts first and saw that my mom had texted me and she was asking where I was and that I should call her. So I just replied with where I was and that there was no service.

After that, I went through my missed calls and voicemails and I had gotten a voicemail from the Lake Havasu City Police Chief asking me to call him and informing me that I was listed as a missing person after my mom’s many calls to his department.

I immediately thought it was hilarious.

After that, I went through all my social media and saw that my mom had posted on my Facebook, tweeted at me, and even asked some of my Instagram followers if anyone knew where I was. At that point, I was a little worried that something had happened.

Police notes about being reported missingPolice notes about being reported missingUNILAD

Jordan finally got hold of his mum and she said she had a feeling something had happened and had been searching for him since Monday night.

Jordan said:

She had called police departments and checked my phone records and called my Airbnb in Sedona where I last stayed and had even called into work (ICU Nurse) so that she could continue looking for me.


In actual fact, this is where Jordan was:

Guy who was reported missing in the Grand CanyonGuy who was reported missing in the Grand CanyonUNILAD

Jordan said he goes on trips all the time, so wasn’t sure why she chose this time to ‘start worrying if I was safe or not’, but he was glad he could call her and let her know everything was okay.

He said she would have driven down to the Grand Canyon looking for her next.

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