Guy Gets Destroyed By Woman Asking For A Selfie Of Him In His DMs

Guy who was savaged by girl after he sent her a selfieUNILAD

Everyone on the internet at some point has likely received some sort of abuse from trolls, but it’s slightly more savage when someone asks you directly for a photo they then go on to absolutely slate.

Andrew Guerrero, from New Mexico, was just out there, living his life, when a girl popped up to him on Twitter and asked for a selfie, only to ruin his day with her savage reply.

The 23-year-old said he was ‘upset’ after receiving her text, but can now laugh at how brutal it was.

Speaking to UNILAD about his past Twitter fame, Andrew said:

About two years ago I was working overnights at a gas station and I used to use Twitter as my entertainment to get me through my shift and I used to get a lot of messages back then because of my following.

I was like a well-known Twitter personality called ‘Ruckin the hoeologist’ with 40k followers and I got fan girls here and there so that’s what I thought it was.

Text messages where guy sent selfieUNILAD

Andrew, known as Ruckin on Twitter, got a message from a girl and was ready for some friendly conversation when she asked him for a selfie.

Despite thinking it was a strange request given how many he had on his Twitter, Ruckin obliged and sent one. He wasn’t expecting the response he got.

Text messages where guy sent selfieUNILAD

Talking about when she asked him for a photo, Andrew said:

The girl messaged me and I thought we were going for a simple friendly conversation but right away when she asked me for a selfie I kind of knew something was gonna go wrong because I had a lot of pictures of myself.

Then I had a doubt in my mind she wanted to see one that I haven’t posted before so when I sent her the picture and she replied ‘that’s you?’.

Photo of guy who sent selfieUNILAD

After she replied seemingly in shock, saying ‘that’s you?’, Andrew was wary of being insulted so he deflected and said ‘nah that’s my ugly ass brother’, even though the photo was of him.

She then twisted the knife, saying ‘good I was about to say’, which naturally left Andrew feeling pretty upset.

Photo of guy who sent selfieUNILAD

He explained how he felt about the message:

When she said ‘good I was about to say’, I got pretty upset and mad so I blocked her on my account and after a while I thought ‘hey this probably could go viral’ and it semi went viral back in 2015.

In 2015 it got like 4k likes, but back then sliding in messages and curving guys was like a trend for girls on Twitter, so it made up for it.

When Ruckin reposted the texts two years later, after the wound had healed, it got even more attention and sympathy, so he said that ‘made up’ for him being sad when she made him ‘feel ugly’.

He now can’t even remember who she was, but the jokes on her because a lot of Twitter commenters seem to disagree with her.

One commenter said:

That broke my self image and that wasn’t even aimed towards me.

Another wrote:

I feel so sorry for her… life must be hard for the visually impaired.

It’s a weird situation, and one you open yourself up to when you become something of a social media personality, but there was no need for that.

Thankfully, he’s seen the funny side of it and so have we.

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