Guy Gets Chilling Text From His Dad’s Phone After He Died


When you’ve tragically lost a loved one, especially a parent, any reminder of them can be a very emotional experience.

37-year-old Stephen from Worcester tragically lost his father to lung cancer six years ago and was understandably taken aback when he got a notification on his phone for a text from his late father.

The text message from his dad’s phone simply read ‘test’, and then after digesting that it was not some supernatural happening, Stephen assumed his mum was using his dad’s old phone.


Speaking to UNILAD, Stephen said:

I got the text earlier Saturday morning. I was a little startled by it at first but had a feeling it had probably been sent by my mum.

I was startled for a few seconds but I don’t believe in ghosts and the afterlife so I knew it wasn’t him. I felt sad because I miss him. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t stop and think about him for a bit.

It was initially shocking to receive a text from my dead father. Mainly because he is dead so that is impossible but also because when he was alive I doubt he would know how to send a text message.

People’s response on Twitter has been lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. Seems a few people have had a similar experience.


Soon after he received the ‘test’ message from his dad’s phone, Stephen received a message from his mum saying ‘I’m going to send a message from your dad’s old phone to see if it works’.

In response to that, Stephen made two good points, the first was ‘why didn’t you use your phone to test it’ and ‘why didn’t you send this message first?’, which received a response of  ‘sorry’.

Stephen said:

I have spoken to my mum since. Turns out she didn’t cancel the direct debit so the contract has been rolling on. We’re hoping she can get a refund.


Stephen posted the messages to Twitter with the caption ‘FYI – my dad died about six years ago’ and it received over 22k likes and 3k retweets.

One Twitter user who empathised wrote ‘My dad’s been gone the same, and I burst into sympathy tears. I would be gutted’.

Another user wrote:

Both of my parents are dead I got a text message once on holiday from an unknown number.

It said ‘hope you’re having a great time, it’s a bit cloudy here, Mum & Dad’ It was from my boyfriend’s mother because he hadn’t brought his phone with him and so had given her my number.

Twitter user Shelly Murav said:

One of my friends died and I wrote on fb about missing her and she liked it. Turns out it was her husband using her account. It startled me pretty bad.

There were plenty of others who said they had experienced similarly traumatic ‘from beyond the grave’ moments like Stephen.

I can’t imagine it ever gets easier.

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