Guy Gets Mistaken For Post Malone At A Club

by : UNILAD on : 12 Oct 2018 13:56
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The music scene has never been more crowded making it even more difficult for young artists to make their breakthroughs.


For 20-year-old Sam, a musician, producer and songwriter from Edinburgh, things are even more challenging because his birth name is Sam Smith and he looks just like Post Malone.

Having similarities to not one but two hugely popular artists, now Sam really didn’t hit the jackpot there!

post malone look-alike sampost malone look-alike samUNILAD

Going by Sam Plant as unfortunately ‘Sam Smith’ was already taken, he has worked hard on his image but still gets repeatedly mistaken for American rapper Post Malone.


Surely the Scottish accent and lack of face tattoos would be giveaways from the off!

Most recently while enjoying a night out ‘in da club’ with his pals, Sam was even given a shout-out by the DJ before Rockstar by Post Malone started playing.

You can watch a video of it and Sam’s reaction here:

Unable to stop laughing as it happened, Sam told UNILAD he was relieved when he found out it was a joke set up by his mates.

He said:

I bumped into some friends I haven’t seen since high school and they all started calling me ‘Posty’ as a joke.

They waited for me to go to the toilet (which was up a set of stairs) and told the DJ to give me a shout out as I was walking back down.

So all I hear is ‘so there’s a guy called Sam Smith here that looks like Post Malone’ as I’m walking down the stairs and Rockstar by Post Malone starts playing.

Everyone in the bar stops and stares and laughs as I walk down. I got called ‘Posty’ for the rest of the night, a lot of people took pictures with me and I got a lot of drinks bought for me.

Free drinks? Now that is something to say no to!


In fact I would say it is worth looking just like Post Malone for the free bevs!

post malone look-alike sampost malone look-alike samUNILAD

Sam does see why some people do mistake him for Post Malone admitting that, especially with his hair up, they do have similar faces.

And luckily he takes it as a compliment:

I don’t think people mistake me for him rather than find it funny that we look alike. Maybe if I had the face tattoos they would think I was him.

People ask for photos on nights out if I have my hair up and will usually buy me a drink so I’m fine with it.

I don’t listen to much of his music but he seems like a really cool guy and he has a great voice.

With Post Malone’s recent album Beerbongs & Bentleys breaking several streaming world records before making it to the number one spot on the Billboard 200, I would say millions of people agree with you Sam about his ‘great voice’.

post malone look-alike sampost malone look-alike samUNILAD

Although Sam and Post Malone are very different when it comes to the music they produce, Sam doesn’t see why the two shouldn’t collaborate in the future.

So if you are reading this Post, maybe hit Sam up!

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