Guy Gets ‘Offer He Can’t Refuse’ From Girl Who Left Boyfriend Week Before Going To Ibiza

21-year-old IsaacUNILAD

If you got offered a free trip to Ibiza by a random stranger, would you go with them?

Just when he thought the Nando’s he was tucking into couldn’t get any better, Isaac got a message, offering him a free trip to Ibiza to fill in for a girl’s recently dumped boyfriend.

Not only did 21-year-old ‘part-time entertainer’ Isaac go on the holiday with a random fan, but he made a music video to go with it – and it’s almost p-ass-able.

Speaking to UNILAD, Isaac said:

I was sat in Nando’s in Croydon with a female friend and out of no where I received a Snapchat message from a random follower, it came up with a username that I didn’t really recognise, so I opened it to see it was someone asking what I would be getting up to in the following week, questioning wether I was going to be busy or not.

I was obviously confused to why this random person had popped up to ask me such a question, it was a bit of a “who is this?” situation. So obviously we got speaking on text and it turned out we’d actually spoken before, quite some years back and this person was in fact a really cute girl that had been following me for a few years and liked how entertaining my Snapchat was.

She kept saying she enjoyed the stories I put up and felt like I was a fun person to be around, that was when she popped out with the question of: ‘Wanna come ibiza?’ I then replied:’“sorry what? Is this serious?’ – she quickly explained the situation of how she’d previously bought a whole entire all inclusive holiday for her and her now on/off partner to go on, but a week before they were due to depart, her supposed man had starting acting up and she started seeing a lot of other females popping up on this guy’s phone.

So she done further investigations to find out this guy had been double dipping and in fact had a child on the way with another female, (Bare in mind this was all in Nando’s, whilst I was trying to eat). [sic]

21-year-old Isaac SnapchatUNILAD

Naturally, the news was ‘surreal’ for Isaac and he initially thought it was a joke.

Before rushing off on holiday with a random person’s girlfriend, he did quiz her to make sure she wasn’t a psychopath.

All it would cost him was £50 to scratch the name of her anguished ex-boyfriend off the ticket, and the rest of the trip was paid for.

21-year-old Isaac SnapchatUNILAD

Isaac continued:

When I realised she being was serious, I was not going to let anything stop me from living my best life, going on a free holiday for being a fun person? First thing, next morning, I went into work and booked off the dates. I was not wasting time.

I realised this trip was going to be a hell of an experience. We arrived a week before all the opening parties etc, so there was more families and adults the first couple days, then during the end of the week, that’s when the younger crowd started flooding in.

It was just me and someone’s girlfriend in big, big Ibiza! But that didn’t stop us from having the best time of our lives!

We made sure to go to all the clubbing hotspots like Pascha, DC10, Faces etc and saw all the beautiful scenery in Santa Eularia, Playa DE’um Possa and of course Ibiza City/Town!

21-year-old Isaac SnapchatUNILAD

Isaac posted the Snapchat conversation on Twitter captioned:

Someone’s girlfriend just asked me to come on holiday with her on a last minute ting because her mans been acting up. [sic]

Ngl the bro code says we can’t be allowing girls to twang us, but long story short, flights booked for next week, due to be lit. [sic]

The tweet received over 4.6k retweets and 20k likes, at the time of writing, leaving commenters in disbelief he actually went. Others said he should get his own girl.

If you liked his music video and want more from ‘Zacky’, you can visit his YouTube channel, or tweet him with free holiday invitations. Because he’ll probably come.

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