Guy Gets Sent ‘Vajankle’ Fleshlight

by : UNILAD on : 09 Feb 2018 19:27
undefinedLogan Clayton

A guy received the weirdest gift of his entire life when he was sent, what’s being called, a vajankle.


19-year-old Logan Clayton was ‘shocked’ when he received the hyper-realistic silicon ankle fleshlight sex toy one morning.

The Canadian college student received the strange package with nothing but a label from America saying he owed $2 in duty fees.

undefinedLogan Clayton

It turns out the ‘vajankle’, which was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap, is worth $200.


Logan told UNILAD:

I thought it was weird when I opened it, only bubble wrap and a thin layer of like paper, I haven’t used it and don’t plan to, as of now it sits behind my dresser.

I can only assume it was from one of my friends but it was like over $200 plus so I was shocked.

I was grossed out because when I first saw it I thought it was someone’s foot.

I order and receive clothing all the time from Vancouver but nothing like this.

undefinedLogan Clayton

The foot was scarily realistic, you can see why the perfectly sculpted fleshlight was so expensive.

Logan continued:

I’m 99 per cent sure it was one of my friends, but they seemed just as surprised at me.

Some of my friends have some $ so I wouldn’t put it past them to spend that much on a joke.

Or some weirdo thought it would be cool or send me a foot fleshlight?

Either way it’s definitely the weirdest thing that has happened to me so far in 2018.

undefinedLogan Clayton

Logan uploaded the photo to Facebook and his post read:


Bit of a weird one. So I just got this package delivered to my house deprived under my name.

I never ordered this and I’m kinda concerned about someone who would order one.

It didn’t have a return address either. Just looked it up and they go for 200 CAD

It had a label from the States, just saying I owed $2 in duty’s.

Here’s Logan pondering the foot fleshlight:

Despite the surprising value of the vajankle, Logan said he won’t be selling it because it makes too much of a good story.

It’s fair enough really. It’s great to think of it standing proudly on his dresser.

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