Guy Gives Girlfriend Painting Of Jeff Goldblum Topless For Birthday

by : UNILAD on : 04 May 2018 18:02

If you find a guy who’ll gift you a painting of Jeff Goldblum topless, it’s safe to say he’s the one.


We all know the classic scene in Jurassic Park, and Scarlett Simmons was lucky enough to be painted this majestic image and given it as a gift by her boyfriend, Huxley, for her birthday.

The 23-year-old from Oklahoma made a joke about having a painting of this particular scene on their first date, and thoughtful Huxley remembered, giving her the dreamy canvas three years later.


Speaking to UNILAD, Scarlett said:


My name is Scarlett and my boyfriend’s name is Huxley. In October of 2015, he and I were sitting together on his couch on our first date, just trying to get to know each other.

He asked me what my favourite movie was, and I told him, ‘Jurassic Park. I wish I had a giant painting of that scene where Jeff Goldblum is lying on a table half-shirtless, looking all majestic. It gets me every time!’.

We both laughed at the joke and continued with our date. I don’t think we ever really mentioned the joke again.

My birthday is in February, and unbeknownst to me, Huxley had asked our mutual friend, Tim Kelly, who’s an extremely talented artist, to paint the picture I had joked about on our first date.

I think he started the painting in January, and managed to complete it the night before my birthday.

Here’s a little re-cap of the original scene starring the now 65-year-old legendary actor:

Universal Pictures

Scarlett continued:

I remember that I came over to his house on my birthday so we could have dinner together, and I walked into the living room and immediately saw the painting!

I immediately burst into tears. It was the sweetest gift anyone had ever given to me, and the fact that he remembered some little joke I had made on our first date meant a lot to me.

Huxley and I have been together almost three years now! The painting is currently hanging in my bedroom above my desk, but when Huxley and I move in together I plan to hang it in a place of honour above our bed!


As for the reaction it received on Reddit, Scarlett said she was ‘really surprised’ and wanted to make sure artist Tim got the appropriate credit.

One user said he thought the painting looked less like Jeff and more Javier Barden. Not sure I can see that one?


It seems it’s not such an uncommon gift, as one user wrote:

Oh my gosh! My now husband got me a painting of the same Jeff Goldblum scene, the background is different, for our move in together present.

Other users were commissioning Tim for the same painting, and saying the gift confirmed Huxley was ‘marriage material’.

Hopefully she proposes to him in front of the painting soon.

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