Guy Completes ‘Impossible’ Big Mac Challenge In 25 Minutes

Furious Pete / YouTube

Ever since the Big Mac challenge went viral, there has been a lot of talk about whether anyone could actually complete it.

We all thought it was ‘impossible’ until now as one internet legend has just managed it.

Peter Czerwinski, better known by his stage name Furious Pete, is a Canadian competitive eater currently holding nine Guinness World Records in eating, including that for eating a whole raw onion in 43.53 seconds.

But now he has an ever greater record completing the seemingly impossible Big Mac challenge, a total of 8,800 calories.

That is four Big Macs, four large fries and four large milkshakes – all in one hour – before holding down all the food for a further 30 minutes without being sick.

And Pete even beat this completing the challenge in 25 minutes and holding down the food for a full hour!

You can watch Pete smash the challenge here:

Opting for two vanilla, one strawberry and one chocolate milkshake, Pete made the challenge even harder for himself because ‘variety is the spice of life’.

He also did not get creative with it deciding to just get stuck in instead of blending it all together, which is allowed although I have no idea why you would choose that option.

He spoke to UNILAD about his tactics:

The triple thick milkshakes were going to be the worse. As you may know a gallon of milk is pretty hard to drink so if you had those first, then the rest of the challenge would be pretty tough.

So I did the Big Macs first (sipping on the milkshakes as I thought I wasn’t allowed any other liquid), and then the fries and then finished with the shakes.

Furious Pete / YouTube

This was clearly the way to do the challenge as Pete admits he nearly gave up when he drank the last milkshake.

He said:

The last shake was tough and things could have been bad. I’ve done challenges before and I haven’t done a fast food one in a couple months, so just all the “goodness” combined up to that point made the last shake really tough (I mean every single large shake is 1,100-1,200 calories of sugar).

All of the burgers, fries and other shakes meanwhile were ‘easy’ to Pete. This man really is a beast!

Furious Pete / YouTube

After completing the challenge Pete said that he felt ‘ok, minus the gas’ and we reckon he spent the rest on the day on the toilet.

Even though Pete crushed it, he admitted that it would be a struggle for others.

He said:

If you a regular Joe it is going to be called the impossible Big Mac challenge.

Hopefully that will make our Kieron feel better about miserably failing when he gave it a go.

You can watch his attempt here:

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The challenge appeared on a Facebook page which said if you complete it you could win £100.

When we asked Pete if he had claimed the money he told us:

Not yet! Apparently I had to film it IN a McDonalds?

But every time I do I get kicked out…so I did it at home.

If you think you can beat Pete despite being a ‘regular Joe’ and complete the challenge in a McDonald’s, well there is a decent prize in it for you.