Guy Nails Changing Lock Screen ‘Arsenal Photo’ To Finally Include His Girlfriend

louisa moth phone lock screen uniladUNILAD

A guy delivered his promise to use a photo of his girlfriend for his phone lock screen in a hilarious way.

19-year-old Louisa Moth and 20-year-old Sam Rappé, both from Portsmouth, have been together for over a year after meeting through mutual friends.

Ever since Louisa has known Sam, his phone lock screen has been an image of the Emirates Stadium, home to Premier League team, Arsenal.

louisa moth phone lock screen uniladUNILAD

Although Louisa doesn’t describe Sam as an ‘excessive’ fan, he does love to show some support to his team by attending games and having the image on his phone.

However, with Sam going to Zante for a lads holiday Louisa thought now would be a good time to ask him to change the photo to one of her in case he misses her.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Louisa explained:

He’s in Zante. Before he went we were joking around and I said ‘as you’re going away does that mean I get to be your lock screen finally’ and he sent me a picture and said is that good enough?

Below is what Sam changed his lock screen to:

louisa moth phone lock screen uniladUNILAD

Rather than just replace the photo with one of Louisa, Sam instead photoshopped an image of the two of them so it looks like they are outside the stadium.

Luckily for Sam, Louisa saw the funny side:

I wasn’t offended or anything I found it really funny.

My friends also found it so funny. My best friend Megan said it was a ‘good effort’.

Sam would like to say he’s funny, haha no he is funny. We have a really solid relationship as he makes me laugh so much!

Louisa even shared the image on Twitter:

louisa moth phone lock screen uniladUNILAD

She wrote:

My boyfriend’s going on a lads holiday to Zante. He said he’d put me as his lock screen (it’s always been Arsenal). This is what I got…

I suppose at least it is you and the stadium Louisa!

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