Guy On Small Penis Dating App ‘Made Sure He Was As Good At Oral As Possible’

by : Julia Banim on : 13 Mar 2020 16:44
Guy On Small Penis Dating App 'Made Sure He Was As Good At Oral As Possible'Dinky One/Pexels

To paraphrase the great McFly, sex is more about the ‘motion in the ocean’ than the size of your oar. But yet, so many men still feel self-conscious about their penis size, letting external pressures and perceptions dent their self-esteem.

Exacerbated by unrealistic depictions in porn, and endless throwaway jokes about size, a larger than average member is often loudly spoken of as being the desirable ideal. This is despite plenty of women caring far more about what’s going on in a man’s head than in his pants.


Sadly, this can have damaging consequences for the way a person perceives themselves. The social stigma of having a smaller than average penis has been shown to shape how a man interacts within the world, from his health decisions to his confidence in relationships.

More Men Are Being Treated For Broken Penises Than Ever BeforePA

According to the NHS website, most penises measure somewhere around 9cm (3.75in) long when flaccid, however it’s perfectly normal for them to be shorter or longer.

The average erect penis size can vary from around 13cm (5in) to 18cm (7in). However, even men who fall within or over this average range can feel a sense of shame surrounding their penis size, evident through the rise of unnecessary penis enlargement surgery.


A study of over 50,000 men and women revealed 45% of men would like a bigger penis, and showed vast disparities between a man’s personal perception of his penis and the way his partner views it.

This study, conducted by sexual medicine consultant Professor Kevan Wylie, of the University of Sheffield, found 85% of women expressed satisfaction with their other half’s penis size, while just 55% of men reported being satisfied with their own.


We are all unique, and this of course extends to our downstairs regions. Surely it be far healthier, happier thing if we embraced our bits and bobs in all their variations rather than striving for a universal ideal?


This is the idea championed by new dating site, Dinky One, which caters for those with smaller penises as well those who love them.

According to site founder David Minns:

There’s pressure on all genders to confirm to ideals set by TV, film and even porn. The adult entertainment industry only casts males with well over average sized penises. In addition, adverts on major porn sites advertise dubious products to increase penis size.

All of this makes a man already insecure about his size even more self conscious. Some men are big, some average and some below average.

Dinky One lets smaller men date people outside their circle of friends with the safety that everyone using the site is fully aware. Members can focus on shared interests and get on with dating.

At the time of writing, almost 30,000 people have signed up to the site, with around 27% of users identifying as female, 71% as male and 2% as transgender. In a progressive move forward, users are given a choice of 24 gender identities, including non-binary and androgynous.

Penis sizePexels

UNILAD decided to catch up with one site user about his experiences so far. And, although there was initially some confusion when he thought I was actually working for the site and asking for feedback, he was able to offer some interesting insight.

Alex*, from London, has a smaller than average penis, which measures in at one inch soft and two and a half inches hard.

The 30-year-old has been single for three years, and is now hoping to find a long-term relationship. His previous romances haven’t lasted any longer than six months, and Alex reckons the social stigma surrounding smaller penises has made the dating game a bit trickier.


Alex told UNILAD:

I would say there is added pressure for dating app users so I thought this app would really help here. I think there is a social stigma as it’s always considered to be a bad thing.

Conversely, if you have a massive penis that’s generally considered to be a real positive for women.

PenisDallas Krentzel/Flickr

Speaking about his reasons for signing up to Dinky One, Alex explained:

I signed up as having a very small penis has been a big problem with dating. I’d like to think I’m a pretty good looking guy but haven’t been able to ever hold down a proper long term relationship as often when a woman finds out what I’m working with they break it off.

Often giving other reasons but a few have actually been upfront about it. I thought joining this site would narrow down women that are cool with my size (or lack of!)

He added:

I was very pleased to hear about the site but also sceptical as I didn’t think many women would actually seek out guys with a small penis!

Dating has been pretty hard as a lot of women in my social group already know that I’m very small downstairs and it’s also difficult to know when to make a woman aware of the issue.

Like do you say nothing and wait for them to find out and is it weird to mention it up front… I had one example where I told them up front and they said they didn’t have an issue but when she eventually saw how small I could tell she lost interest thereafter.


Of course, female tastes and preferences in this area are far more diverse than popular culture and porn would have you think. Indeed, a 2019 study from Clue found women prefer an average penis to a large one. And, rather sweetly, an attractive smile was found to be a much more important factor than genital size.

With many women finding it easier to orgasm through clitoral stimulation than penetration, a more modest todger is no barrier whatsoever to bringing your partner pleasure in the bedroom.

Indeed, Alex has found that his petite equipment has allowed him a certain advantage in some areas, allowing him to approach sex from a slightly different perspective:

They say that a blind person has better other senses and I think that’s kind of similar to having a small penis. I’ve ensured that I’m as good as possible at oral and other things so I guess that’s an advantage.

I also don’t have one night stands and make sure who I sleep with I’m genuinely into.

PenisMarc Diego/Flickr

The connection you have with a person – and the sparks that fly between you before opening the bedroom door – matter far more than getting down to numbers and measurements.

Foreplay and establishing a mutual sense of intimacy is just as important as the deed itself, and finding out how your partner likes to be touched or kissed will impress them far more than bragging about your girth.

Of course, this is all before you take into account how all women are built differently, with their own internal variations which aren’t always apparent on the outside.

According to Healthline, the average vaginal canal is around three to six inches in length. Those with shorter vaginal canals may well prefer the feel of a smaller penis, with a bigger one potentially proving a bit uncomfortable.


Alex has only just joined up with Dinky One, and has so far fallen prey to that modern day dating app dilemma of unresponsive users.

He’s understandably a bit disappointed, as he had ‘high hopes’ for the site, which he ‘genuinely thought it was a novel and good idea’.

However, Alex is sticking with the site for now in the hopes of finding the woman for him. Could that special lady be you?

If you want to give Dinky One a try, you can sign up here.

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