Guy Photoshops Gemma Collins Tattoo, She Thinks It’s Real

by : UNILAD on : 18 Jul 2018 16:34
Guy who got a fake Gemma Collins tattooGuy who got a fake Gemma Collins tattooUNILAD

Of all celebrities to mess with, Gemma Collins is probably one of the funniest. 


Dhillan Bhardwaj, CEO of Ratchet Clothing, asked his friend to mock up some sleeve ideas on his arm for inspiration, and his mate jokingly created a Gemma Collins sleeve.

Having had a run-in with Gemma before, 22-year-old Dhillan thought it was a great opportunity to get some hilarious but harmless revenge.

It’s a pretty good photoshop, but at the same time, I’d know it wasn’t real. It worked a treat on the TOWIE star though.

Tweet about guy who got fake Gemma Collins tattooTweet about guy who got fake Gemma Collins tattooUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Dhillan explained what happened:

I met her at the Clothes Show Live in 2012 for the first time and she got her guards to escort me out cause I wouldn’t pay £5 for a photo.

I mean, if the money was going to a charity or something I would have paid but it was going into her pocket, so I shouted some abuse saying she’s a dick and got removed.

But I follow Gemma Collins meme accounts because she is funny, but today I was procrastinating at work and thinking of tattoo ideas so I messaged my best mate who’s sick at photoshop and told him draw me something.

Tweet from Gemma Collins about the tattooTweet from Gemma Collins about the tattooGemma Collins/Twitter

Gemma tweeted Dhillan’s photo saying ‘Omg this is insane I have to meet you this is next level fan love’, after he jokingly posted saying ‘What other way do I show my love for the one and only Gemma Collins. I got this tattoo today. Hope you like it’.

Dhillan continued:

Knowing him he took the piss and mocked up a sleeve tattoo of GC. So I tweeted her sarcastically thinking she’d remember me but obviously she’s super popular and didn’t, she assumed the tattoo was legit.

I thought what a dumbass. Who would get you tattooed on anyone’s body? I thought she’d click on but she didn’t.

I didn’t even think she’d reply but I’ve mentioned it’s fake when people have tweeted me but she hasn’t said anything yet.

Post revealing Gemma Collins tattoo was fakePost revealing Gemma Collins tattoo was fakeUNILAD

This isn’t Gemma’s first rodeo with photoshop, as she was recently accused of photoshopping her weight-loss photos.


She’s been posting lots of health-related selfies right off the treadmill, sharing images of her healthy meals and people have been loving the positivity.

At least until Gemma’s Instagram snap where she can be seen sporting a pink jumper with a bit of ribbon detailing from her very own fashion boutique, which had some fans less than happy.

Some have accused the TOWIE star of photoshopping the image around her waist, and are not pleased with her for doing so.

One fan wrote:

I love you gemma and you always look fab. You DO NOT NEED photoshop on your body or anywhere else.

I can see someones done a poor job on this photo…on your waist on the left.

Body positivity is about embracing what you have and loving yourself – I’d have a word with the creative team and keep being authentic you.

Commenters on Dhillan’s photo were thoroughly enjoying Gemma’s error, with many trying to alert her to the fact it was a photoshop job.

Out of interest I asked Dhillan how much I’d need to pay him to get the real thing tattooed…it’s £100k.

Shall we start a fundraising page?


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