Guy Plays HQ Trivia While DJing At Wedding

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A guy has gone viral on Twitter after he was filmed playing HQ Trivia while DJing at a wedding.

Like many of us, 30-year-old Nicholas Kramer from Long Island, New York, is addicted to HQ Trivia, an app which every day gives you the chance to win money if you can correctly answer 12 questions.

Although it’s more difficult than it sounds, you only get 10 seconds to answer each question and they get increasingly difficult, many of us still can’t resist playing it despite knowing the frustration that is likely to follow.

And as Nicholas demonstrates, no matter what people have planned nothing comes in the way of HQ Trivia:

A video editor during the week, at weekends Nicholas DJs, something he’s been doing for about 16 years now.

Earlier this month while DJing at a wedding, Nicholas remembered that night HQ Trivia was offering the chance to win $400,000, their biggest prize money yet!

Despite spinning the ones and twos, Nicholas had to play, as he exclusively told UNILAD:

We has just finished formalities at the wedding, cake cutting, dances with parents and we were getting ready to start a dance set.

So I was playing a slow song to get some couples on the dance floor first, a classic – Always And Forever by Heatwave, and I saw HQ Trivia was about to start.

I love HQ but also hate it because I haven’t won yet!

It was a big money night so figured, hey, why not give it a shot?

guy nicholas kramer hq trivia djing wedding uniladUNILAD

Having previously reached question 12 but blowing it at the last moment, Nicholas felt this time he may be in luck.

And so he began to play placing his phone on his decks:

I feel like I have a bunch of random knowledge from traveling, playing all different types of music at work and I’m a big sports fan. So when it comes to HQ I can put some of that use.

Obviously I had to turn the sound off and once the game started we were in a full blown dance set, it was hard to read the questions and pay attention to the party. I think I made it to question five and then didn’t answer in time and lost.

Oh bad luck, Nicholas!

guy nicholas kramer hq trivia djing wedding uniladMegan Burges Photography/UNILAD

Sharing a video of himself playing HQ while DJing with his friends, they encouraged him to put it on Twitter.

And so he did simply writing:

When your [sic] djing a wedding but also trying to win $400k.

Instantly going viral, at time of writing (June 18) Nicholas’ video has been viewed over 57,000 times.

guy nicholas kramer hq trivia djing wedding uniladUNILAD

HQ Trivia even retweeted Nicholas’ video although his friends mocked him for this.

He added:

They all were making fun of me. Most of them were like, ‘you got HQ to retweet your video and you couldn’t even use the correct ‘you’re’! Come on man!’.

I was DJing when I posted it really quick so I will stick with that excuse.

We think they’e just jealous they haven’t been noticed by HQ Trivia‘s social media team.

Better luck next time, Nicholas!

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