Guy Pulls Out Of Holiday So Group Invites Stranger With Same Name Instead


Joe McGrath has never been happier to be Joe McGrath.

The Mancunian man was invited to go on holiday with a group of perfect strangers after their friend – also called Joe McGrath – dropped out.

Valiantly, Joe stepped in for the missing group member – and when he touched down after the ‘mega trip’, still a little hungover, he told UNILAD all about the whirlwind adventure.


Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Joe recalled:

I was at a gig in Manchester when I was sent a message request on Facebook. The message was from Dan and it read:

Hi Joe. Would you consider coming on a holiday with a group of nine strangers if they had already arranged flights for you and an all inclusive hotel?


Joe was invited to celebrate on a 30th birthday holiday, and it felt like a ‘dream’:

I straight away thought the whole things was a hoax and I wasn’t planning to go. It wasn’t until I had a chat with Dan himself, I realised that it was an actual offer.

A situation like this was never going to happen to me ever again and I really wanted to go. I asked my boss for the time off and being the legend he is, he let me go!


So, Joe took the bull by the horns and, getting time off from his job at XS Manchester radio station, drove down to Bristol for what was potentially a really awkward week.

Joe continued:

When I drove to Bristol, I was very nervous. The drive on my tod wasn’t good but I arrived at Dan’s house in the night time and after a couple of beers with the guys, I was relaxed and excited for the trip.


It seems Joe wasn’t prepared for the booze-fuelled, sun-drenched group holiday to Mallorca.

Upon his return he told UNILAD, ‘I can’t really explain how I feel at the moment. It does feel like a dream!’


Joe wants to send a shout out to his new gang, saying, ‘They all made me feel so welcome, I can’t thank them enough for the trip.’

Watch out Joe McGrath #1. There’s another Joe in town.