Guy Puts Shrek’s Face On Every One Of Sister’s Taylor Swift Posters In Epic Prank

by : UNILAD on : 20 Sep 2018 13:20
Taylor Swift merch covered in Shrek faces prankTaylor Swift merch covered in Shrek faces prankUNILAD

There’s nothing like a good sibling prank, but this big brother went to impressive lengths to shock his sister when she returned from holiday.


Bored and with time on his hands, Matthew Ross and his girlfriend from Chicago decided to invade his sister Rachel’s comprehensive collection of Taylor Swift posters and memorabilia with a funny familiar face.

The pair of pranksters officially ‘Shreked’ her bedroom, and it took them hours. They didn’t do anything by half measures.

I’m with Matthew on this one, I’d way rather be surrounded by photos of Shrek than Miss Swift.

Whole door of Taylor Swift posters covered in Shrek prankWhole door of Taylor Swift posters covered in Shrek prankUNILAD

Matthew told UNILAD where his inspiration came from:

The idea just came to me because the other day my girlfriend and I watched Shrek 2 together, our favourite in the series.

We were bored the day it happened and didn’t have anything to do and since we both don’t really like Taylor Swift I said, ‘Hey, wanna ‘Shrek’ Rachel’s room?’

Taylor Swift cardboard cutout covered in Shrek prankTaylor Swift cardboard cutout covered in Shrek prankUNILAD

Matthew explained to UNILAD how the carefully planned operation was run:

We put a Shrek face over every single photo of Taylor Swift in her room. My girlfriend asked if we should do Nicholas Cage instead but I said we should stick with Shrek since my family loves Shrek so it might lighten the blow in case she got upset.

My girlfriend and I started by printing out a bunch of Shrek photos in a few different sizes.

We started cutting some and she graciously agreed to take care of the smaller ones. Since those took longer than the larger Shrek faces, I started to tape up the faces while she was cutting.

Tweet about Shrek facesTweet about Shrek facesUNILAD

He explained that there ended up being an efficient assembly line where his girlfriend would cut the faces out and he would go up to Rachel’s room to find the ‘perfect place for that size Shrek’.

Talking about Rachel’s reaction to the prank, Matthew said:


She reacted by screaming and laughing and falling to the floor. She called everyone else up to see my masterpiece.

Taylor Swift merch covered in Shrek faces prankTaylor Swift merch covered in Shrek faces prankUNILAD

Talking about her shock when she saw it, Rachel said:

I went to crash in my room because I was so tired, and I noticed one of my pictures had a giant Shrek face on it.

I am a massive Taylor Swift fan so I had so many posters and merchandise. I began to look around and I noticed he had covered every single one of my pictures with Shrek!

She added:

He said it took hours because I have far more than 100 pictures of Taylor including merchandise, and because he sized all the pictures to fit each Taylor Swift picture exactly.

When I saw it all, I literally screamed and fell to the floor laughing. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Rachel said Matthew really dislikes Taylor and loves pulling pranks. Apparently it took her hours to take all the Shrek faces off, but she said it was a ‘good laugh’.

Matthew and RachelMatthew and RachelUNILAD

Rachel posted photos of her ogre-filled room on Twitter and plenty of fellow Taylor Swift fans commented with their concerns about her pictures getting ruined.

Plenty others appreciated Matthew’s good work and dedication to the cause.


I just think cutting out Shrek’s weird funnel ears would get so tedious.

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