Guy Rescues Abandoned Dog From Highway And Starts Epic Adventure

Adrenaline Addiction/YouTube

When this Very Good Boy was abandoned by the roadside, by his former owner, he could never have expected the life of adventure which awaited.

Meet Paco, the super dog who parachutes, base jumps and motorbikes the world with his human. The tiny pup was found by the side of a desert road in Arizona by Chase Reinford, a self-confessed adrenaline addict, last year.

The unlikely pair have been adventuring together ever since. Here’s what they get up to:

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Chase stumbled upon the abandoned dog in the middle of nowhere, telling UNILAD:

I was on my way to Page, Arizona, for an adventure on the lake. I was about an hour away, driving on a very barren desert road when suddenly the car in front of me swerved to avoid hitting something.

There was Paco, right in front of me. I had to slam on my brakes and swerve. I just barely missed running him over. I jumped out of my vehicle and grabbed him so he wouldn’t get hit.

Adrenaline Addiction/YouTube

The YouTube adventurer from Philadelphia continued:

After I had him in my bus, I just sat their thinking, ‘What do I do with him?’

I knew I couldn’t leave him out there. He would certainly die. I drove down a dirt road off the highway in hopes of finding his owner. Nothing. My plan was to find a vet or shelter in Page and drop him there.

Adrenaline Addiction/YouTube

But quickly, Paco won Chase over and his plans changed, he explained:

Once I got to Page I needed to stop at a grocery store for some food. I found myself buying Paco doggy supplies.

I’m an animal lover and although I still wasn’t planning on keeping him, I wanted to make sure he found a loving home. So Paco came along with us to the lake.

That’s where the adventure of a lifetime really began for the little dog.

Adrenaline Addiction/YouTube

Chase recalled:

I told myself I’d search for his new home after the trip since we were on a tight schedule. We rented a boat, camped out, went hiking, cliff jumping, swimming.

Paco was loving it! He kept up with me, which I never imagined a little dog could do. The pure joy on his face the entire trip was precious.

Adrenaline Addiction/YouTube

Chase ‘knew right then it was meant to be’ and determined on the spot to keep Paco by his side throughout his incredible jounrey.

The pair have travelled America ever since, for Reinford’s job as an adrenaline-pumped YouTube star.

Small in stature but not in heart, Paco has kept up every step of the way. He even has his own Instagram account to prove it!

Chase swelled with pride as he told UNILAD why he and Paco are the ‘perfect fit’:

Most of the locations I go, are wide open wilderness or endless desert plains. Paco’s favourite thing is to run and these spots allow him to run for as long as he pleases. He hates sitting around and I do too.

It works out great! Another unusual skill he has is his ability to climb up nearly anything. He has no problem hopping from rock to rock or running up the side of a steep mountain.

Adrenaline Addiction/YouTube

Chase explained he’s living out his ‘dream lifestyle’, adding:

My life consists of constant travel and adventure. I’m deeply rooted in extreme sports like base jumping, skydiving, cliff jumping and snowboarding.

I basically travel to new places all over the world searching for the next thrill.

I’ve experienced so much culture and met some amazing friends along the way and now, Paco is going to see the world with me!

Adrenaline Addiction/YouTube

So, what does it take to be the ultimate adventure dog like Paco? Chase said:

Paco is an eccentric dog with a unique personality. The most unique thing about him is his ability to show several different facial expressions for different moods.

I’ve never seen another dog have so many expressions! He’s a lover and a very loyal dog. He wakes me up every morning with face kisses. He loves all other dogs and animals.

Adrenaline Addiction/YouTube

Adding there’s ‘not a mean bone in his body’, the love between man and his best friend Paco becomes clear. This is a true underdog story – and it’s only just beginning.

Chase isn’t the only human to fall under the spell of some underdogs.

Just ask the vets of the Trusty Paws Clinic who treat homeless dogs for free:

Paco and Chase are heading to Mexico to explore for two months, before travelling to Europe to try base jumping.

To follow their adventures head over to Chase’s YouTube channel, Adrenaline Addiction.