Guy Runs Out On Customer When He Hears World Cup Goal

Guy running out on customer after world cup goalUNILAD

When your team scores in the World Cup, nothing else on the planet matters in that moment.

One man who knows this is business owner, Roni Bajraliu, who was serving a customer looking to buy a car when he heard his team had scored.

So what do you do when this happens? Stay with the customer, be professional, and seal the deal… or go and check on the goal your country’s just scored?

Answer? The latter, obviously.

CCTV in Roni’s office captured the hilarious moment a customer watched him bolt from his chair to cheer for Switzerland, who had just scored.

Speaking to UNILAD, Roni, 24, explained:

I’m a business owner, I have a car dealership. As I was selling a vehicle, my team, Switzerland, scored in the World Cup. I just dropped everything and ran to the World Cup TV.

I got a lot of reaction to it on my personal site. A lot of people thought it was really funny. I think that would be a good commercial for the World Cup.

The lady bought a car screaming ‘go Switzerland’, and she doesn’t ever watch football.

I live near Chicago, but I’m really Albanian. There’s a lot of Albanians playing in Switzerland, they’re a great team.

Tweet about guy running out on customer after world cup goalUNILAD

Roni’s cousin, Zadé, posted the video to Twitter captioned:

My cousin was talking to a customer and then he heard Switzerland scored so he forgot about the customer and ran out.

One commenter simply wrote:

This is love.

Another tweet read:

Security cameras at not only for security purposes, they catch priceless moments.

Guy running out on customer after world cup goalUNILAD

Meanwhile, in England, the ‘it’s coming home’ fever has died after the Three Lions were knocked out of the World Cup by Croatia.

In a devastating 2-1 defeat, England sadly lost out on a place in Sunday’s final (July 15).

England supporters remained in high sprits as they sang out Don’t Look Back In Anger after the full time whistle.

During the competition, the players, and Gareth Southgate, restored pride to the national side, and after going 1-0 up within the first five minutes, fans were convinced the Three Lions were going to make it to the World Cup final – something not achieved since 1966.

But a 68th minute equaliser, followed by a second for Croatia in the second half of extra time, ended English hopes.

But it’s not all bad – the England team have left their nation proud, not only for making it so far in the tournament, but for giving football fans a taste of real hope – something not experienced for a long, long time!

Southgate and his Lions applauded the fans at the end of the match, in what’s definitely been a tournament to remember for England.


England will play Belgium on Saturday to determine who takes third, and fourth place.

Harry Kane tweeted his disappointment after the match, writing:

It hurts a lot. It will hurt for a while. We can be proud and we’ll be back. Thanks for all your support. #ThreeLions #ENG #WorldCup

The official England Twitter account thanked fans for their support, throughout the tournament, writing:

To everyone who supported us.

To everyone who believed this time was different.

To everyone who wasn’t afraid to dream.

To everyone who knows this is only the beginning.

Thank you. We hope we made you proud.


Well done, boys!

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