Guy Sends Graduation Pics To Wrong Number, Gets Incredible Reply

Justin Campbell

A man who sent photos of himself graduating to the wrong number got an incredible reply from the person in question.

Justin Campbell was graduating from Coastal Carolina University when he accidentally sent a photo of him and his friend to a random guy.

Usually, you’d probably expect a ‘wrong number, mate’ or perhaps just to be blanked, but the man who received the message turned out to be a bit of a legend.

Justin told UNILAD:

I  was originally trying to send the pic to the guy in the pictures with me but when he gave me the number I typed it in my phone wrong.

During graduation I got a reply looked down and saw that he sent a pic and thumbs up I responded laughing saying ‘my guy’ and he said ‘the sky’s the limit’ and sent me a link to motivational speeches.

Justin posted the messages on Twitter not knowing the response his tweet would receive, but it has been retweeted more than 32k times and liked by more than 92k people.

And the guy in question, Roger Hawkins, saw the tweet and responded to Justin:

Justin added:

I posted on Twitter and the guy from the message actually saw it and he messaged me.

I apologised about putting his number on Twitter but he said it’s cool he likes the interaction.

Roger has been receiving a lot of positive attention on Twitter…

Isn’t it nice when we all get along?!