Guy Sends Most Savage Text Ever To Driving Instructor After Passing


A Corby college student put his former driving instructor firmly in his place with a cutting message and a hilariously scathing photo.

19-year-old Daniel Parker had 70 to 80 driving lessons with his instructor Clive and booked his test, however, four days before his test, Clive changed his mind and decided not to let Daniel use his car.

With driving tests costing up to £75, Daniel found another instructor, passed his test and then gave the middle finger to Clive, literally:


Daniel sent Clive a photo with his driving certificate in one hand, a firm middle finger in the other and then wrote:

F*ck you Clive and your reputation should’ve let me do the test ya bald c*nt.”

Speaking to UNILAD, Daniel said:

I had about 70 to 80 lessons with this guy, which is too many I know that. Then he tells me I’m ready to book a test, he gave me the number. Then, four days before my test he said I couldn’t use his car and he wouldn’t drive me to the test centre.

So I was searching around and rang up quite a few driving instructors and I found one who let me do the test in his car on Friday. He said I could do a tester and then if that went alright, I could use his car.

So I used his car and then passed the test and then sent that message. It’s not good people getting ripped off, I was annoyed he didn’t let me use his car after telling me six weeks before I was ready.

The engineering student’s response got 15k retweets and over 56k likes, something Daniel ‘didn’t expect’ at all.


Daniel’s messages to Clive were posted to Twitter by his friend Baylee Magee, who described Daniel as a ‘character’ and said:

As soon as Daniel sent the message into the group chat, I told him it would go viral.

It’s a shame really, driving instructors try and milk as much money as possible and the response shows people all over the place are getting ripped off too!

Being messed around by a driving instructor seemed to resonate with a lot of people on Twitter.

One user wrote:

Have about 10 million driving instructors I’ll have to send this message to.

One Twitter user was concerned for Clive saying: ‘I bet Clive is devastated and a little bit scared’, while others focused on Daniel’s resemblance to a young Brad Pitt.


Another Tweeter wrote:

The whole thing is one big money making machine. From the day you apply (pay) for your provisional til the day you pass. I’m convinced even the fails are strategic in some cases. [sic]

On average, driving lessons are about £50 for two hours, with the theory test costing £23 and then the practical coming in at around £75.

Apparently Daniel is always doing hilarious stuff, so we hope for more savage words from him in the future.

Anyone got any burn cream for Clive?

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