Guy Shares Hilarious Video Pranking Drunk Students

students prank milk bottleUNILAD

Let’s be honest, a lot of us spent more time procrastinating at university than doing actual work.

Looking for ways to entertain themselves on a low budget, students often turn to alcohol, partying and bingeing plenty of shows on Netflix.

When 26-year-old Sam Harris from Watford was a student though, he and his 13 flatmates amused themselves by playing ‘Student Milk Fishing’, a game which has since gone viral online.

You can watch ‘Student Milk Fishing’ in action in the video below:

During his third year of studying Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University, Sam and his flatmates had grown tired of going out drinking and so stayed at home more.

With their flat situated between Nottingham train station and Ocean nightclub, Sam and his friends spent many a night people watching thanks to there always being a steady stream of drunk students walking past.

One night after having a ‘couple of B&H Greens’, Sam’s flatmate Danny Jones decided to put to use the excessive amount of empty milk bottles that were building up in their flat by tying them to string and dangling it in front of the drunk students outside.

students prank milk bottleUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Sam revealed how exactly the game worked:

We had been thinking of different, legal, ways to mess around with the drunk passersby. I lived with a couple of product designers that had an abnormal amount of string so we started using different objects, but the milk bottle appeared to be the most appealing to other students.

The lamppost we used as a pulley device came in handy as when you looked up to see where this floating milk bottle came from, the light blinded the view of those below so they could see the bottle but not us, and we could see them. It was the perfect stealth mode.

Although many would just ignore the seemingly floating milk bottle, some would stand and stare at it for ‘a good 10 minutes’ while one group spent time trying to grab it.

Of course Sam and his mates would always hilariously pull the bottle back up, just outside of the group’s reach, every time one of them nearly got it further teasing the boozers.

students prank milk bottleUNILAD

As Sam admits, he wasn’t too shocked that some people were drawn in by a hovering bottle of milk as ‘alcohol can make a lot of weird things seem normal to people’.

You really have hit the nail on the head there, Sam.

When the video appeared on Sam’s Facebook memories last week, he decided to share it as a throwback on Twitter writing:

People ask me how my time at Uni was. Well I spent a lot of my time tying a milk bottle to a piece of string, throwing it over a lamppost from my flat window and teasing drunk students with it. These were the only successful group out of 50 plus videos. Enjoy.

Shame I’ve been sat on this joyous video for six years. I’m glad to have brought it into your lives. Long live the milk.

students prank milk bottleUNILAD

The internet of course showed their live with the video going viral receiving over 18,900 views at time of writing (October 16).

I am sure ‘Student Milk Fishing’ will be making a return soon as another group of students continue its legacy.

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