Guy Struck By Lightning Shows Off Shocking Injuries

Christian Neal / IMGUR

A father and son believe it is a ‘miracle’ they are still alive after BOTH being struck by lightning while out fishing.

Christian Neal, and his father Gabe were thrown from their boat and left paralysed in the water on the afternoon they were hit.

Christian has recalled how the terrifying event felt like ‘someone was beating him with a baseball bat’.

Christian Neal / IMGUR

Speaking to UNILAD Christian said:

It was as if someone had set off a flash-bang grenade next to my head and as if they had injected fire beneath my skin, into my veins, and deep into my stomach.

I couldn’t feel my legs – I was paralyzed from the waist down.

I had no control over my legs, hips, toes,… nothing!

Christian Neal / IMGUR

Thankfully, Christian and his dad were out with Andy – a disabled Iraqi-veteran who just so happened to be a medic.

Andy, along with his girlfriend Taryn, managed to pull Christian from the water and help treat him, before spotting Gabe, and rescuing him from drowning.

Christian believes they would have died if it wasn’t for the help of Andy:

I am eternally indebted to him.

Christian revealed he spent a week in hospital following the freak accident.

He said:

Many visitors, much morphine, and much prayer later, I am now doing great.

You can’t imagine the sigh of relief I experienced when I felt my toes and legs
move – I thought they were gone forever.

Christian Neal / IMGUR

Christian has said that since the accident, he just wants people to always be mindful of the weather and be ready to react or have a plan of action for different situations.

We wish them both all the best for a complete recovery.