Guy Takes Amazing Photo Of His Mate, Gets This In Return

Two photos taken for InstagramUNILAD

In life there are people who take fantastic candid photos for their friends, and then there are the freeloaders who don’t return the favour.

It’s not on purpose, sometimes they just don’t have the touch, but either way, that one person always misses out. In this case it is 21-year-old Jeff Joseph from Tampa, Florida.

Jeff was on a bike ride with best mate Reed and they stopped in front of some lush foliage for an Instagram pic. However when they looked back through their photos, they couldn’t help but notice the slight ‘ine-quality’.

Tweet comparing two friends photosUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Jeff said:

We decided it’d be fun to go on a bike ride down Bayshore Boulevard, which is this super long waterfront sidewalk in Tampa. We rode around for a bit and on our way back to the parking garage we parked at we took a scenic route in a neighbourhood.

We stopped in front of someone’s house who had a really nice front yard, a perfect spot to snap some photos, I took a few of Reed and we switched off.

I looked at mine and they weren’t the best pictures of me so I thought ‘eh let’s keep going’. We got back to the car and when I compared my pictures to his that’s when it hit me how hilariously bad mine were.

We laughed about it and I tweeted the pictures as a joke but I never thought it would get that much attention.

Truth is he did offer to take more pictures I just didn’t really care for it that much.

Talking about the reaction it got on Twitter, Jeff said:

It’s gotten so much more attention than I expected, it’s ridiculous. So many people have sent me edited pictures of my photo with filters and what not trying to make it look better.

There was some backlash towards Reed, which he wasn’t super happy about.

I did throw in a disclaimer, replying to my own tweet letting everyone know Reed is my friend and not to attack him, but we’re fine now. We spent all day sending each other funny messages and reactions we’re getting from this.

Disclaimer that they are friendsUNILAD

Jeff’s tweet received over 568k likes and 135k retweets, and cultivated its own hashtag #Justice4Jeff.

So many people on Twitter related to the post, tagging their respective Jeff or Reed in solidarity.

One commenter said:

For real though. And it’s always the most attractive friends that take the worst pictures.

To be honest I believe you got to feel ugly only once to understand the importance in lighting and angles.

One commenter found an old photo on Jeff’s Instagram of him on a bike, saying ‘Jeff already got his good bicycle pic’.

At least that photo shows the first bad photo was nothing to do with Jeff’s posing abilities.

To all the Reeds out there, learn to take a good photo.

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