Guy Tells His Girlfriend He Cheated On Her For Prank, It Backfires Massively


This situation is the definition of a prank backfiring.

19-year-old Jordan, aka Rodney, from Maryland joked with his girlfriend that he had kissed another girl, thinking he’d wind her up a bit and then confess his undying fidelity.

So he went along with it and messaged his high school sweetheart saying ‘I’m just gonna be honest with you. I kissed another girl yesterday’.


Speaking to UNILAD, Jordan said:

I was just trying to do a regular April fool’s prank and it backfired. She said she was at a party the night before and got drunk and apparently slept with some guy and her best friend slept with some guy too in the same room so I think that was their intentions.

Made me feel like complete s**t. I’m questioning if I even wanna be in a relationship anymore now, and we have separated and have not spoken since. At this point there is nothing left to say.

No she hasn’t said anything , But i think she is probably mad at all the attention she would be getting if people knew who she was.[sic]


Before Jordan could pad out his fabricated April fool’s prank, his ex-girlfriend jumped the gun and said ‘It doesn’t matter I have something to tell you too’, before revealing she had sex with another guy the night before.

She then wrote:

I don’t think we’re good for each other so this time we are really done. Have a good life Rodney.

I was drunk and one thing led to another and it just happened.


Once ‘Rodney’ accused her of lying, she said:

I wish I was…when it was over I started thinking of you and us and how or if I was going to tell you, I’m so sorry.

I’m sorry Rodney it really was an accident and I hope we can work through this.

A lot of people felt the pain that was behind his brief but telling ‘LMAOOO’. One user said they felt it in their soul.

Jordan posted screenshots of his brutal break up on Twitter and it received nearly 23k retweets and over 60k likes.

After captioning the post ‘April Fools is fu**ing cancelled’, Jordan said he thought his ex would be annoyed at the amount of attention their situation got online.

Another Twitter user said:

His last response is the best.

In regards to his final reply to her, Jordan said:

When I sent “LMAOO” I was hurt yes I was but I didn’t want her to know that, so I sent that and blocked her after.

Lots of users questioned the girlfriend, saying ‘how are you gonna cheat and question someone else for a kiss?’.

I wonder if she would have told him if he didn’t play the prank….a classic chicken or egg conundrum.

As consolation for Jordan, one user wrote:

King imagine you never tried the April fools prank, you would have been kissing her with some dudes sperm in her mouth, I’ll pray for you brother stay strong

As for lessons learned, Jordan said he will aim to ‘Make sure I don’t get cheated on again’.

We hope so too.

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