Guy Trolls Man On Facebook With Opposite Name To Him

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A guy’s prank on a man who has the opposite name to him has gone viral online.

About five to six years ago 24-year-old Brian Best from North Carolina decided to add a man named Brian Worst on Facebook just for fun.

Forgetting all about the friend request, Brian was surprised when it was finally accepted last week.

brian best facebook brian worst uniladUNILAD

Knowing this was too good of an opportunity to miss, Brian decided to play a prank on the other Brian writing ‘suck ittttttt’ on his Facebook wall.

Simple yet effective!

We feel for Brian Worst though as he has probably had jokes played on him his whole life thanks to his surname!

brian best facebook brian worst uniladUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Brian Best explained how Brian Worst clearly did not appreciate his sense of humour.

He said:

I had forgotten all about the request and I don’t remember exactly what my intention was. I’m not sure if I planned on writing on his wall or just letting the friend request be a statement on its own, but it definitely had a ‘ha-ha’ aspect to it either way.

I was beyond delighted when I saw the notification and screenshotted it immediately.

Went right to his profile to write that, then screenshotted it as well. I did feel kind of bad, as he was an adorable old man.

After about 10 minutes I messaged him to explain it was a joke that I posted on Twitter. He replied about an hour later saying something along the lines of ‘no harm done, happy to be friends with a new Brian’ but I noticed he also deleted the post.

I don’t think the comment itself got any likes before getting deleted.

Oh Brian – he just wanted to be friends!

brian best facebook brian worst uniladUNILAD

Proud of his work, Brian, who runs both a mental health blog and satire website, shared the screenshots on his Twitter page.

He wrote alongside them:

Friend request had been idling in his inbox for like six years but alas, I am finally able to conduct the sickest burn in American history.

They will turn today into a holiday.

Unlike Brian Worst, people appreciated Brian’s joke with the tweet going viral receiving over 367,000 likes at time of writing (July 11).

brian best facebook brian worst uniladUNILAD

Brian couldn’t believe how much the tweet blew up:

It was incredibly exciting. Also very overwhelming. I’ve been putting out content for years and I didn’t really see this as one of my absolute best tweets.

I thought it was funny, but I’ve had 24 years to practice these name puns. Nonetheless, I was really excited.

Unfortunately though for Brian his internet friendship with Brian Worst is no more as it appears Worst has deleted his account.

Although Brian admits he does feel bad about that, he finds comfort knowing that Brian Worst ‘clearly wasn’t much of a Facebook guy anyways’.

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