Guy Wakes Up At Festival To Find Everyone Has Gone

by : UNILAD on : 15 Aug 2018 16:52
Guy who was left at festival on his ownGuy who was left at festival on his ownUNILAD

Everyone knows someone who has fallen asleep in their local nightclub only to wake up and find the whole place empty and their friends are up at the local chicken joint.

For me, it was Sheffield’s Corporation. The sides of the toilet cubicle made a particularly comfy pillow one Friday night and the one inch floor pool of miscellaneous liquids warmed my feet as I slept for two hours.


There is a step up from this though, which not many people would have experienced. Imagine waking up at a festival to find your tent was the only one left and everyone else is already showered, packed up, driven home and watching The Chase on their mum’s couch with a nice hot cup of tea.

That is exactly what happened to Michal Zaleski from Dingwall, Scotland, when he went to Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival this year.

Here’s the footage from what Michal woke up to:


Speaking to UNILAD about how the situation came about, Michal said:

Well the festival was Thursday till like Sunday 1pm. We were partying Saturday night till like 6am Sunday morning then me and my mate went home because we don’t stay far away from where it was.

I went back to get my tent at like 9am and people said to keep drinking so I did and must of went to sleep at like 10am.

I woke up, looked at the time and it was like 8pm so I was expecting that there will be no one there and videoed it. No one saw me because they were cleaning the family area first.

Guy who woke up in festival to find everyone goneGuy who woke up in festival to find everyone goneUNILAD

The Scottish student phoned his mate with the final five percent battery he had left, asking how he forgot about him, before asking for a lift back.


Talking about what happened when he woke up, Michal said:

When I woke up I saw the time it was like 8pm and I’ve been at this festival for several years now and I know people leave around 1 or 2 pm so I wasn’t expecting anyone there.

I phoned my mate who lives not far away from where the festival was and he came up and we went for a wee wonder there and just went home after that.

Tweet about guy who woke up in festival to find everyone goneTweet about guy who woke up in festival to find everyone goneUNILAD

Michal took a video of the empty field and posted it to his Twitter captioned ‘Why did no one wake me up?’, and it received over 1.4k retweets and 6.8k likes.


Lots of commenters said the experience must have been a ‘nightmare’, tagging their friend saying ‘imagine that happening to us’, or sharing their experiences of a similar situation.

Guy at festival with policemanGuy at festival with policemanUNILAD

One commenter tagged his friend saying ‘haha when u got left down the Tyne’.

His friend replied:


Haha worst experience of me life looking out the tent seeing I was alone lucky the dog walker saved my ass.

Guy who woke up in festival to find everyone goneGuy who woke up in festival to find everyone goneUNILAD

Another user tagged a friend saying ‘This would 110% happen to us’, while her friend responded saying ‘Omg and we would still live our best life’.

When I asked Michal how he felt when he opened the tent, he said he just felt like ‘it was home time’.

Seems like a very logical guy.

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