Guy Who Posted Message To His ‘Thick’ Wife Responds Perfectly To Abuse

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A man who faced massive backlash for posting a tribute to his ‘curvy’ wife on social media has hit back at his ‘haters’.

Robbie Tripp took to Instagram to upload a picture of him and his partner on a beach in Miami and accompanied the image with a lengthy tribute to his wife Sarah.

However, the post – that Robbie claims was just one of many ‘gestures of love’ – went viral and brought a lot of unwanted attention.

In the post from July 31 Robbie wrote:

I love this woman and her curvy body.

As a teenager, I was often teased by my friends for my attraction to girls on the thicker side, ones who were shorter and curvier, girls that the average (basic) bro might refer to as ‘chubby’ or even ‘fat’.

Then, as I became a man and started to educate myself on issues such as feminism and how the media marginalizes women by portraying a very narrow and very specific standard of beauty (thin, tall, lean) I realized how many men have bought into that lie.

For me, there is nothing sexier than this woman right here: thick thighs, big booty, cute little side roll, etc.

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Robbie told UNILAD he’s surprised the post went viral – it’s received nearly 40,000 likes on Instagram:

I’ve actually been posting things like this for years – I talk about my beautiful wife all the time on my Instagram and write captions about how much I love her, this one just happened to go viral!

I could never have predicted this post would connect with so many women and men across the world and the response has been incredible.

I like to surprise my wife with little gestures of my love and when she saw it she thought it was so sweet and thanked me for always loving every inch of her.

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Despite a lot of negativity Robbie refuses to back down and says he will continue to post romantic messages:

The overwhelming, outpouring of love from women in all corners of the world has been so reassuring and encouraging.

There may be a small group of people who for some reason choose to be offended that I love my curvy, confident wife but the vast majority see this post for what it was: a husband’s celebration of his beautiful wife.

Both Sarah and I have built personal brands through social media so we know that once you put something out into the world, even if it’s purely positive, there will always be sarcastic and negative people who want to try to bring it down.

Why that is, I’ll never understand, but we don’t waste any time thinking about it.

Robbie is happy the post has brought more attention to the ‘myopic attitude about women in society’, telling UNILAD:

There’s no doubt that curvy women are marginalized and overlooked in the mainstream media.

Sarah and I talk frequently about the lack of representation for curvy women – we don’t see them nearly enough on magazine covers, in commercials or other advertisements.

Being in the fashion industry, Sarah is one of the very few women of her size making a splash.

Robbie Tripp

Robbie continued:

There is very myopic attitude about women in society – they need to be thin and look a certain way to be considered beautiful or sexy – it’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Curvy women are beautiful, and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes so I’m glad this post has helped shine a spotlight on an issue that needs to be talked about in society.

I’ve received messages from women around the world thanking me for the post and telling me how it’s helped them to love and accept themselves.

Robbie Tripp

Wow – so much negativity for a guy who simply wanted to post about his love for his wife!